As I watched the sunset this afternoon, the sky appeared to burn a brilliant red due to smoke in the air from a nearby fire hazard reduction burn happening in the ranges around Canberra.

The rich hues in the sky filled me with awe and I couldn’t help but think of the passion and drive that got me into photography some 13 years ago. Today my passion runs deeper than it has at any other time.

We all have passions and we all have something that will drive us further than we think is possible. I challenge you, next time you see the sunset or a great memory-making moment, to grab your camera and start snapping away… The memories and moments you will capture are priceless.

Every time I am out in the Canberra region on a shoot at an event or taking portraits, I just love the moments that I capture. The memories that will last forever… The love, the passion, sometimes tears and always the power that is conveyed through a photo just blows me away.

Canberra Burning

Sunset over Canberra – By Brendan Maunder