As an event and portrait photographer I get out and about , capturing those special  memories and I must admit I get a real kick photographing events where I get to meet  many new faces and often run into some old faces as well.  This is no more true than when I photograph equestrian events in and around Canberra.

The smiling faces of old clients I have photographed over many years is always a welcome site.  The highlight for me photographing equestrian events is the Pony Club Zone 16 yearly camp that happens at Bungendore  just outside of Canberra.  This is a week long event where you get to embed yourself with the people that you are photographing and you become a big family. You get to share and photograph their lives where you experience their tears and laughter, birthdays and accidents, as you become a well known figure for the week.

Last year I had the added bonus of photographing the Inter-national mounted games after my week long camp, and I must it was a super busy day as I conducted group photos of around 300 children in the morning, with the afternoon photographing the Inter-national mounted games,  and along with their team portraits.  It was a fantastic day and something I am, and was very proud to be a part of.

This years camp sounds like it is going to be bigger and better and I will be there capturing all the excitement one frame at a time.

Riding at Dusk

Portrait of a girl and her pony with a fantastic sunset in the background at Freshford Equestrian Centre Canberra.