The interesting thing with composition it is like the rest of the art world –  subjective, however there are some key point and rules.

The main one I would like to touch on here is the rule of thirds.

The rule of thirds in simple terms is positing you subject either 1/3, 2/3 across or down the photograph.

But WHY????

The interesting thing about the human brain is that people get bored with photos that are centred.   Centred photos are to be blunt, boring and thanks to every to Dick and Harry having a camera on their phone the world is saturated with centred photos, so the human brain is excited and interested in anything outside of the norm.

Using the rule of thirds and putting your image on either the 1/3 or 2/3 across of down the image creates interest.  The human brain see it as something different and wants to look further to understand what it is exactly about the image that is different.

Take these three photos below.

The first is the original image.  This photo was taken using the rule of thirds where the horizon  an and the main tree were put on 2/3 across and 2/3 down the image.

rule of thirds orginal

rule of thirds orginal

The Second image is a copped version where the subject is directly centered within the photo.

rule of thirds in the middle

rule of thirds in the middle

While the third photo is the copped version where the subject is to the left and on the 2/3 section of the image.

rule of thirds in example

rule of thirds in example

Now if you look at the second and third image what do you feel. Do you feel more attraction to one of the other?

Most people will find the last image has more interest than the second image, with the only difference is the last image is not smack bang in the middle of the frame…

Don’t believe me give it a try yourself…

Take a photo with the subject smack bang in the middle then move the subject off to the left or right of the frame and take another shot.  Then have a look at these images side by side and you will see for yourself..

I would love to hear your thoughts so give it a try and come back and let me know how you went…[subscribe2]