Now I am sure the purest out there would say a 30×20 inch print is 30 inches across and 20 inches high, but while that is correct for me a 30×20 inch print is soooo much more…

A 30×20 inch print is:

  • Big enough to put the smile on anyone’s face
  • Large enough that when you look at your 6×4 inch prints, its like looking at ants from space
  • Important enough that it gives that WOW factor to your room
  • Detailed enough that you should brush your teeth before any photo-shoot

I think you could also fit:

  • 10,2738 standard prints in it.  Ok not really but it feels that way
  • 14,9837,5563,333 stacked peanuts
  • 6 ink cartridges from your home printer
  • 4 gnome
  • 36 bananas
  • a whole lot if memories

I don’t know about you but if someone was going to take professional photos of me for FREE I would jump at the chance, but to also get a 30×20 inch print for FREE….  Now that is just crazy stupid stuff…..

With only a few hours to go in my “FREE Memories” competition and your chance to win a 30×20 inch print along with five 6×4 inch prints, you have to crazy not to put your hat in the ring as you never do know….

The next photo of a 30×20 inch print just might be of you!!!

To enter look HERE

30x20 inch print

How big is a 30×20 inch print anyway??