I love being a hands on person!!! One of the great things is that I can take some down time to get involved with “stuff” that I wouldn’t do professionally, and working on cars is one of those things.

The feeling of being able to build and fix something sets you free…. OK, it doesn’t really set you free, but it gives you some time to spend in your own mind. 🙂

Some of the greatest ideas and photos come from these times and today was one of those days ……. I changed the brake pads on my car.

It gave me a chance to think about lighting ideas on how to light a subject that is in the dark when the background is in full sun… and I must say that is not that easy…

It takes a heap of light and the ability to block out the background using your shutter speed. This technique is only possible when using the high speed sync of a speed light.

Take this photo for example.

The tool box was inside the garage while the car was in full sun. Without the use of a flash and high speed sync I wouldn’t have been able to darken the background enough to ensure that there was detail left in the car.

The main issue with using high speed sync is the loss of power. Because of the way high speed sync works you really need to punch out a lot of power from your speedlite and in some cases you need more than one.

In this photo I only used one, which was on the camera and bounced off the wall behind me, in doing so the effectiveness of the speedlite was reduced.

Example how high speed sync helps in reducing the background brightness.

Example how high speed sync helps in reducing the background brightness.