Photographers live strange lives….  Generally speaking they live for the first and last hour of the day as that is when the light is at its best…  The rest of the time they are chasing the light/shadows so they can get just the right shot.

For me waking up before dawn is normal and today was not exception…  So as I lay in bed before the sun rise I got this urge to go see if I can get some nice sunrise photos.  I jumped out of bed, putting on some warm clothes to keep me nice and snug in the -2 degree  outside, I popped in the kitchen to make a cuppa before heading out……

I wasn’t 5 seconds in the kitchen when I looked out the window to see a thick blanket of fog….  It was so think that I was lucky to see my back fence….  Oh no…  I just go out of a nice warm bed to take photos and I couldn’t see 20 meters in front of me…. mmmmmmm  Definitely not a good start to the day and nothing short of a tragedy..

Well I was up now and my mind was set that I was going to take photos, so hell or high water that is what I was going to do…

Off I went, with my trusty dog, travel mug filled with fresh hot coffee, bag for camera gear and a heap of determination that I was going to get some pay back for getting up on a cold morning.

Heading north there were some shots I have been meaning to get for some time but the closer I got the thicker the fog also got….    Noooooooooooo.

Further and further North I drove until just as I was about to reach the centre of Canberra  I remembered an old trick I learned some time ago…  If you cant see through the clouds get above them…  <Insert light bulb moment!>.   I was just down the road from one of the highest mountains in the area, so with a quick right turn across a few lanes of non-existent traffic (Way to early for Canberra Traffic), I heading up the mountain, and I must say on my arrival I was blessed with the most fantastic vista I have seen in a long time….

The clouds opened up  just as I was hoping, with the clouds forming a thick blanket across the city some 200 feet below where I was standing…  Thank you, thank you…  The photographic Gods have blessed me for my perseverance…. However the sun was rising and rising fast, and with bag in tow I ran around the mountain like a crazy man, getting as many photos as I could, before the sun crashed my photographic party… 😉

The photos I captured were fantastic and I got to see this town in a different light to any other time…..  The colour tones were smooth, the clouds were like candy floss and the mountains were majestic.  The vista that was before me, I will never forget and if I do get old timers (Australian slang for Alzheimer’s) I can at least look at the photos and wonder where that place was…. 🙂

To be a photographer in such a wonderful place is beyond belief….  I have now seen things that I am sure 99.9% of the people that live in Canberra will never see… and only because of the perseverance and drive to get that shot!!!

So get up early stay up late, make the effort to get that shot as my might just capture a life long memory…

Canberra Black Mountain Telstra Tower

If you find yourself in the clouds go above them.