There is something about the lead up to a shoot that is enjoy…  Maybe its the excitement and the mystery of what is going to happen, or maybe its the knowledge that by the end of the shoot I will have a heap of new friends or maybe its the fact that I get to be part of someone else life, even if it is just for a fraction of their time.

I think the reality is that it is all of those and more….

Tonight is going to be a very special photography opportunity!!!!  It is an event that I feel very passionate about and I am more than happy to donate my services and skills as a photographer to support their cause.

If you don’t know that I am talking about then you might be a new friend of mine, as the last 8 months I have been working up to and talking about the Benny Wills Gala dinner to be held at the Southern Cross Club in Tuggeranong.

This event is in support of finding a cure for a very aggressive brain tumour that is mostly found in children and once diagnosed it is 100% fatal, and will typically claim the life of the child within 6-9 months.

It can not be treated through surgery as it is located at the centre of the brain and the risks are too great, so the only option is radiation therapy.   It goes without saying being a parent and watching your child go through this would be heart wrenching, but to top it off you know that it will only ever give your child an extra month or so to live…

While most if not all of you reading this will not be attending the Benny Wills Gala event tonight you can still support the cause by donating on their website at

The event is going to be a cracker of a night with around 385 people with hundreds of prizes and auction items.

If you are going please come up and say hello as it is always great to see peoples faces and not just their Facebook or on-line avatar.  🙂