One of the great things about the female form is the shapes and lines that run through the body.

Late afternoon was coming and the sun was starting to set over the hills as I was capturing some story telling photos with Ashley around some dams on a working farm around Canberra.

We had got the shots that we were after so we started to play around with different ideas where she was either in the in the water or standing next to it so I could use it as a backdrop.

As the sun had completely set we moved from using natural light into small speedlites where I was hand holding the lights and dragging the shutter to expose the fantastic blue sky above her.

The sky was so rich in colour and with the light fading fast, ok it was just about completely gone, I wanted to get one last shot for the day, so with Ashley standing on the high side of the bank that surrounded the dam I quickly snapped off a couple of long exposures with this being the last shot of the day!

Knife woman canberra portrait photographer

Shapes, lines and female form.

I must say after looking at this photo for some time I have a strange connection with it.  While a simple shot it has some complex factors that for me make it work.

  • Composition – Ashley is located 2/3 of the way across the image
  • Mystery – The knife and the blood over the white dress Ashley is wearing – Best viewed by clicking on the image.
  • Shape and lines – The separation between Ashley’s arms and her body, and the shape of her body with a nice S curve
  • Pure beauty of both the sunset and Ashleys silhouette against the blue – Say no more.

So after a long day it was nice to capture such a moment and for this to be the last frame of the day….  Is there a better way to end the day??