This afternoon I conducted my FREE DSLR for beginners around the Lake and I must say for summer it was cold….  I think it was like 8 degrees with wind and rain, followed up with some hail just to keep us in check… 🙂

All in all it was a great afternoon spent discussing how a DSLR work and what all those dials and buttons actually do.

After some background information and some tasks in hand we headed down to the lake to get some practical experience and as we were walking around looking for some moving targets to practice shutter priority shots a very nice car showed up with a young lady and her boy friend.  She was attending her end of year formal and this was her ride…

Bloody nice ride I tell you.. 🙂

Now what is a group of photographers to do when presented with such a fantastic photo opportunity…  Take photos of course. 🙂

So after some quick words and a run back to my car to get my equipment we were snapping away and this is what we got.


formal photgraphy

Nice car my friend


Off to the formal

Off to the formal

After the excitement of the car, we spent some time sitting by the lake trying out some long exposures on the rough water, while capturing some shots of the cyclists flying by…. well this was until the hail came and forced us to take shelter. 🙂

All was not lost as it gave us an opportunity to discuss equipment and working in the industry, along with some additional pointers for portraits and how to handle white balance.

Before we knew it time had passed at the blink of an eye and we were 30 minutes over time… oooppppssss.

I must thank the guys for coming out on such a crappy day and I hope that you learned enough to pay for the frost bite. 🙂