Well after a full on day yesterday photographing 4 fantastic brides and spending the day would fantastic company I was hoping to get out some sneak peek shots and do a write up of the day, but I have to head out for a shoot.

This shoot is one I have been trying to put together and will go over a few shoots and involved multiple models as it is an evening grown/dress shoot to be photographed in zero light with the lights of the city as our back drop.

Of course I will have my portable studio lighting to ensure that everything will look fantastic but it will be interesting mixing the two light sources so ensure they are both exposed in such a way that they compliment each other.

It should be fun and I just know the images that we are going to capture will be spectacular, especially given that my model will have a bright red dress and make-up to match.

Time to pack the car and head out.  Enjoy your evening and I cant wait to show you some of the images. 🙂