I think so!

For every photograph I have taken and every photograph of will take into the future, the me to me are eyes of one of the most important features of the person.

By looking into someone’s eyes you can see

  • deep within their soul
  • if they are lying were telling the truth.
  • if they are healthy or sick.
  • if they are happy or sad.
  • if they are tired or awake.

As a portrait photographer it is important to me to understand and know the people I photograph not only for the reasons of creating rapport, but it allows me to creating image contains personality and feeling of the person I am photographing.

This is one such photo.

The first time I saw Samantha I knew I had to take her photograph and a knew I had to go capture those magical eyes that possesses.

Here eyes to me are so beautiful that they not only demand attention, suck you in but also tell a story.

Afghan girl Canberra ported photographer
the eyes are the window to the soul

If I look into your eyes what would your story be?