Not as a student but as a teacher…..

This year is all about passing on my photography knowledge and skills to others through workshops and personal one on one training.

A key part of that is volunteering in our school system to conduct photographic workshops to our children and instill the passion I have for photography in them.

I thought I would start with Canberra biggest school Saint Mary MacKillop College Canberra as I photographed their year 10 graduation last year and I really enjoyed working with the kids and the teachers.

And with a few phone calls, an interview and showing them I have a current Working With Vulnerable People card (the WWVP is a legal requirement if you you offer your services to children or vulnerable people and requires a police check) I will now be conducting some studio lighting workshops where I take in and set up my portable studio equipment and walk the kids through what is a portrait shoot.

It will be a great experience for most of the kids as not only will they get to see what a photographer carries around but they will have the ability to ask me real world questions.

I know they will get a lot out of it and hopefully I can install that burning desire be a portrait and event photographer.

So take me back to school….