With the pop from the studio flash two days of shooting is done. 🙂

What an exciting two days I must say..  It was full of fun and excitement meeting new people, some of which I have spoken to for many months but never met.

Some of which I have never spoken to before and others I have worked with before.

It was not only pleasure but a privilege that sooo many people not only allowed me to photograph them but put their trust in me to come up with the goods.

The weekend was filled with highs and low as we worked through the process of putting true emotion in out shots.  Some of which I captured RAW and true feelings/emotions.

For those of you that let me into your life and stories to extract these emotions I give you a special thanks…  It can be very painful to relive some of our past and things that are still very RAW..  They are intimate moments and ones I appreciate and respect and I am very glad you had the confidence in me to bring those emotions to the surface so I can capture them.

In the end:

  • I photographed 15 different models, we had four makeup artists/hair.
  • Went through:
    • a heap of croissants
    • box of assorted chocolates
    • punnets of strawberries
    • some whipped cream
    • a few packets of chips
    • some dips
    • tea
    • lots of coffee
    • some tissues
    • a bunch of flowers
    • lots of stories
    • lots of laughter
    • a bottle of Champers. 🙂

And that was just me.. lol

I ended the two days with a self portrait.

Canberra portrait photographer before and after.

Relaxing after two full days of shooting