From time to time I get the opportunity to work with some fantastic people, people that make you sit and and look at the world from a different light and a few weeks ago I met two such people. Ciaran and Eliza.

Some of you might remember me talking about me attending some Canberra theatre in which I watched a fantastic performance and remake of the classic film Footloose.

The lead actor in that performance was a lady called Eliza  Shephard and reading her bio on the night he is one very busy lady….  She has not only working in a few musical that year but in most she was also taking on the lead role…

I was so impressed with not only the performance of all the cast but super impressed at Eliza performance and her ability to be able to do so many roles with some over lapping..

I knew at that point, that one day I would meet her and have the privileged of capturing her personality on camera, just as I had experienced it that night as I sat in the audience..

With the passage of time my opportunity appeared as it turns out, she is also a very skilled musician and in this case a flute master (I am sure that is the correct term).  She was trying to find a photographer to take some photos of her and her musical partner for a up and coming performance.

And with that I jumped at the chance…  A few conversations later, a date was set for the shoot, and I must say it was one of the funniest and most entertaining shoots I have done in some time.  Ciaran and Eliza were just the best fun…

They look at life in a very different way to most I think.  They are there to have the best possible time but still very serious about the business of making music and art.  On so many levels it was refreshing to come in contact with these two creatives, and by the time we packed up, my cheeks were sore and sides were splitting from all the silliness that was going on.. 🙂

One of the great things about being able to take their photo, is that I was also to to listen to them practise while I snapped away.  If you like the natural sounds of a guitar and a flute, the I must say these are the guys for you..

The pure crisp notes and the way they worked together was just magical and I kind of felt a little honoured that I had my own two piece band playing just for me….

Track forward a month and their event is going to happen this weekend….  Now here is the kicker….

It is happening at the Wig and Pen in Civic…. OMG how good is that!!!!! and I am going!!!!!

I get to not only listen to these guys once again, but I get to sit back and enjoy best of the hand made beer in Canberra while eating my kings share in food…  did I say OMG!!!

Now for anyone that loves the fine sounds of instruments mixed with a good beer this is a MUST SEE EVENT!!!!

So put this date in your diary…

This Sunday, the 2 March at the Wig and Pen in civic from 12 until 2pm.  If you dont know where they wig and pen is you should – Have a hard look at yourself and then Google it. 🙂

I hope to see you there, and if you do show up come say hello, chances are i will be the dude with the camera.

The Facebook event can be found HERE


Ciaran & Eliza  @ Wig & Pen

Ciaran & Eliza @ Wig & Pen

Ciaran & Eliza  Looking cool

Ciaran & Eliza Looking cool

Ciaran & Eliza  turning up

Ciaran & Eliza turning up

Eliza taking Ciaran for a ride

Eliza taking Ciaran for a ride