The rain has been falling in Canberra for a good solid week so with that what better excuse to grab a model and go out into the weather to get some rain and water shots. 🙂

The plan was set and I had the model and the assistant ready, but at the last minute I had a call that I needed to be in Melbourne in a few hours, so with that my dreams of a rain shoot was dashed…

A few days in sunny Melbourne brought me back to rainy Canberra and my dreams to get a rain shoot in were back on the cards..

My first model wasn’t able to help at short notice so it was up to the assistant to step in and step in she did…. With both feet..   YEAH!!!!

The shot was on…. and when I got to the set the rain was not on…  In fact it stopped completely…. mmmmm

So we waited around and it did come back and we got some fantastic shots…  This a sneak peek at just one of those shots. I know you are going to just love it.. 🙂


Canberra Portrait photographer

Sneak Peek – Rain and Water