As an event photographer of weddings, parties or anything, it is important to have the right gear so I can get the shots as they happen.

Today three more very important bits of kit arrived.. YEAH

These are in the form of two new speedlites and a wireless remote.

Up to this point the only wireless triggers I had were on my studio lights, while the smaller speedlites were wireless to some degree, they required each of the slave units to be in line of sight of the master…  Today that changed…

The new Canon 600EX-RT use true wireless triggers.  What this means is now it opens up my creative juices even more as I can stuff these sucker in all sorts of spots without the fear they they will not fire when needed..  🙂

To test test little buggers I am just about to leave to cover a dance event.  This will allow me to set these things up as I would at a wedding to capture the first dance..

It should be a good evening and a great way to break in the new tools.


New kit - Speedlite 600EX-RT

New kit – Speedlite 600EX-RT