I took some time out today to grab my camera and go on a photowalk with a friend of mine Neki.

The place that I selected is a place that holds lots of childhood memories of when it was in full swing and had a fresh coat of paint..

Today however this place is somewhat on the run down side and I don’t think it has been seen to in some 25 years.

Walking through the ruins we came across an old bed that was just yelling out – “Photograph me!” and considering the unique look Neki has I decided on a mini photoshoot. 🙂  Ok Ok Ok I just cant help myself…

I had to climb on the non-exist roof to get this shot while I asked Neki to lay on what seemed like a very dodgy bed. ha ha ha..

The shot turned out even better than I expected so I just know you are going to love it.. 🙂


Bed of ruins

Bed of ruins