I was talking with a fellow graphic designer the other night about post-processing and one of the topics was the ability in the last few versions Adobe introduced the content aware brush.

This little gem of a tool saves my bacon on just about every shoot and is one of the most used tools I use in my post-processing. So what does it do?

In short – It will allow you to paint over a part of the image that you want to remove and Photoshop will then have a look at what you have painted over and fill that area in with things it thinks will match that area.

In the past, you would have to use the Clone stamping tool and manually select where you want to copy from and then paste that over the area you want to remove. Not this still works in lots of places but it can and does take time.. The content aware brush has changed all that!!!

Here is an example of something I do way too much of when in the post… Removing hair either the background or off the face of the subject.

And with the flick of a pen the hair is gone…..