Capturing the Heartbeat of Red CentreNATS: A Sunday Teeming with Vibrant Souls

Sunday dawned with a promise of a slower but no less vibrant pace. Today, the spotlight was going to be shared between scorching tyres and the lively audience that forms the heart of the Red CentreNATS experience.


My day unfurled at the Lasseters Casino where the family-friendly Motokhana was the buzzword. A delightful community atmosphere greeted me as cars whizzed around a makeshift track, set up in the parking area adjacent to the Alice Spring Convention Center. As families nestled together enjoying a hearty breakfast, the laughter and the spirit of camaraderie in the air were tangible – an ideal start to capture the smiling faces enjoying the morning festivities.

Red CentreNATS 2023 held in and around Alice Springs Inland Dragway on the Sundsy of the event

Next, it was off to Blatherskite Park, the vibrant hub known for its energetic gatherings. My quest was dual: to indulge in a stone oven pizza and to mingle with the famed Mullet Gang – artisans tasked with transforming full heads of hair into glorious mullets, the ticket to entering the coveted best mullet competition slated for later that night. A gastronomic delight and hearty laughs later, I was armed with delightful captures and a full belly, ready to venture to the next exciting spot.

Red CentreNATS 2023 held in and around Alice Springs Inland Dragway on the Sundsy of the event

At ASID, the burnout finals beckoned with a raw, gritty allure. This round, armed with foresight and an unyielding drive to capture unique perspectives, I mingled with the crowd, seeking those unseen angles that would set my captures apart. The objective was clear – to encapsulate not just the burning rubber and roaring engines, but the pulsating energy of the crowd, the unsung heroes that transformed this event from a mere showcase of horsepower to a lively, throbbing celebration.


Guided by sage advice from the SummerNats head media person, I veered away from the beaten path. While capturing the mechanical beasts in their glory was integral, it was the human element – the laughter, the awe, the camaraderie – that truly brought life to the event. After more than a decade in this field, I have come to realize the essence of an event lies in its people – their interaction, their passion, and their returning enthusiasm year after year.

Red CentreNATS 2023 held in and around Alice Springs Inland Dragway on the Sundsy of the event

Thus, my focus oscillated between the fierce burnouts and the vibrant tapestry of spectators. There was a surreal beauty in the plumes of smoke that billowed from the tyres, reminiscent of an ethereal smoke photoshoot I had always envisioned, and now it was coming to life right before my lens.

As the sun bid its goodbye, the festivities transitioned to the award ceremony at Lasseters Casino, where once again, the vivacity of the attendees stole the show. I immersed myself in capturing the euphoria, the anticipation, and the joy that permeated the air, rounding off with the electrifying live music that echoed the vibrant heartbeat of the Red CentreNATS.

Red CentreNATS 2023 held in and around Alice Springs Inland Dragway on the Sundsy of the event

Reflecting back on this adrenaline-fueled weekend, from the Fringe Festival’s debut to the pulsating burnouts and the heartwarming camaraderie that encapsulated the true essence of Red CentreNATS, it has indeed been a ride of a lifetime. Each blog post has endeavored to bring you closer to the electrifying atmosphere that resonated through Alice Springs, an exquisite mesh of roaring engines and vibrant souls converging in celebration.


For those eager to immerse themselves further, I invite you to explore the visual journey captured through my lens, a testament to the pulsating heartbeat of this extraordinary event. Find yourself amidst the vibrant crowd or marvel at the mechanical beasts – all images are available for purchase on my website, offering a tangible slice of the excitement that was Red CentreNATS 2023. Additionally, keep an eye out for my captures gracing the pages of SummerNats and Street Machine publications, where the essence of this festival lives on, ready to beckon enthusiasts for the next thrilling adventure.

Thank you for joining me on this remarkable journey, until the wheels spin once more, keep the spirit of Red CentreNATS alive!

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An Epic Saturday at Red CentreNATS: From Show’n Shine to Lightning Fast Drags

The weekend at Red CentreNATS was unfolding to be nothing short of a rollercoaster ride of thrilling experiences. After a Friday brimming with rubber-burning excitement, Saturday ushered in a gentler pace, yet equally captivating in its offerings.


The day began under the comforting embrace of the sun, indulging in the visually stimulating Show’n Shine event. Families gathered at the showground, basking in the vibrant atmosphere sprinkled with 4×4 tracks and delightful entertainments tailored for all ages. Yet, this calm morning was just the precursor to the exhilaration that lay ahead.

Red CentreNATS 2023 held at the Alice Springs showgraounds on the Saturday of the event
Red CentreNATS 2023 held at the Alice Springs showgraounds on the Saturday of the event

As the day progressed, the atmosphere revved up quite literally with the initiation of the massive supercruise, a grand parade that weaved its path from the showground, meandering through the picturesque gap, gracing Gap road, and thronging the heart of Alice Springs. Then, like a rhythmic dance, it would gracefully turn around and tread back along the same vibrant path.

The supercruise was a spectacle grander than anything I had envisioned. Each passing car demanded a crouch, turning my photography session into an impromptu leg workout that would have easily depleted rolls of film had I been using an old film camera. For about 45 minutes, it seemed like a ceaseless stream of around 700 vibrant entities – cars, bikes, 4x4s and even an occasional truck – flaunted past me. Witnessing these mechanical marvels, which I had admired earlier at the Show’n Shine, now in motion was indeed a feast for the eyes. The sight of them not just stationary but being driven with gusto, was a testament to the living art and engineering prowess encapsulated in each of them.

As the golden hues of the evening set in, the grandeur of the supercruise drew to a close, paving the way for a night of adrenaline-infused experiences at the Alice Springs Inland Dragway. Here, an array of ultra-fast drag cars, bikes, and the whimsically named ‘funny cars’ were gearing up to dominate the scene.

I have to confess, my first experience photographing a drag race was something of a baptism by fire. The sheer velocity of the cars launching off the blocks caught me by surprise, leaving me awestruck and muttering, “Holy cow, that was fast!” A swift adjustment to my camera settings was in order, and as the night progressed, I found myself adapting to the rapid pace of the races, capturing the fierce and blazing spirit of the sport through my lens.

Red CentreNATS 2023 held at the Alice Springs INland Dragway on the Saturday of the event

By the time darkness fully enveloped the surroundings, I felt a camaraderie with my camera, as we worked in harmony to encapsulate the electrifying moments that unfolded before us, resulting in some truly breathtaking images that embodied the raw energy and thrill that is the essence of Red CentreNATS.

Stay tuned as I navigate through more high-octane adventures at this incredible festival!

A Night at ASID: Burnouts Like Never Before

Armed with my freshly-acquired media pass, I ventured into the world of Red CentreNATS with anticipation. The safety briefing was crisp and clear: “Don’t get run over, steer clear from foolhardy endeavors, and certainly don’t nudge others towards them!” Sounds pretty straightforward, doesn’t it?

My first stop was the renowned Alice Springs Inland Dragway, affectionately dubbed ‘ASID’ by the locals. The agenda for the night? Burnouts, then some more burnouts, and, you guessed it, even more burnouts!

Red CentreNATS 2023 Burnouts held at the Alice Springs Inland Dragway on the Friday night of the event

For someone new to the burnout competition scene, it was an overwhelming sensory experience. The sheer volume of the engines roared in my ears, punctuating the night with their powerful revs. The dense smoke clouds that each car conjured created an almost surreal, foggy atmosphere, making visibility a playful game.

Red CentreNATS 2023 Burnouts held at the Alice Springs Inland Dragway on the Friday night of the event

But it wasn’t just the sound and sight; the event engaged all senses. The smell of burnt rubber permeated the air, and if you were close enough, tiny fragments of tires and bits of metal, stripped from the overworked wheels, could be felt. As the tires of these monstrous machines succumbed to the torture, giving way to bare rims, the burnout pad transformed into an electrifying stage of sparks and flames. The metallic rims scraping against the ground was reminiscent of a fireworks display – unexpected and mesmerizing.

A spectacular shot capturing a car in action, displaying a fascinating dance of sparks and flames, encapsulating the raw energy of ASID.
A spectacular shot capturing a car in action, displaying a fascinating dance of sparks and flames, encapsulating the raw energy of ASID.

To say it was an exhilarating night would be an understatement. It was loud, it was dirty, and it was an adrenaline-packed spectacle that I won’t forget anytime soon.

To view or purchase all of the images have a look at my online gallery found here.

Revving Up for Red CentreNATS 2023 in Alice Springs

From the 1st to 3rd of September, I’m thrilled to be photographing the iconic Red CentreNATS. Kicking off this automotive spectacle, I had the unique chance to witness the inaugural Red CentreNATS Fringe Festival last night. Car paraded their vehicles right in the heart of the town, from the bustling streets to the vibrant Todd Mall. Not only was it a visual treat for the attendees but it also provided me with a perfect moment to refine my car photography chops. Today, the real action unfolds as I snag my media pass and dive into the adrenaline-fueled world of RCN.

What’s New in Red CentreNATS 2023?

Branded as the ‘Ultimate Festival of Wheels,’ Red CentreNATS is Australia’s standout automotive festival. Thousands will gather in Alice Springs for unmatched auto-action spread across the Alice Springs Inland Dragway, Blatherskite Park, and Lasseters Centre of Entertainment.


The Fringe Festival was but a teaser. On Thursday, August 31, from 6pm-9pm, the Alice Springs CBD was transformed into a car lover’s paradise with the Red CentreNATS Fringe Festival. With food, music, and a pop-up cinema, the atmosphere was electric.


A fresh addition this year is the Motorvation Super Cruise. It’s an open invitation for all entrants to flaunt their cars, smoke their tyres, and power-skid through the Alice Springs Inland Dragway, culminating in a grand burnout pad showdown on Sunday.

But let’s not forget the RCN classics! From marvelling at the majestic rides in the Elite Shed, witnessing roaring burnouts, to being part of the renowned Yeperenye Street Parade – there’s something for every motor enthusiast.


Organized by the Northern Territory Government in collaboration with Summernats, Red CentreNATS has consistently delivered heart-racing experiences. For those eager to join the action, tickets are available with a three-day Chrome pass priced at $75. All details can be found on their official website:

The Rare Blue Supermoon: A Personal Glimpse from Alice Springs

As the evening approached and the blue moon emerged, I knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Living in Alice Springs, we’re privileged with some of the clearest skies in the world. Most days here gift us with azure skies devoid of clouds. Last night was no exception.

With the anticipation of the blue supermoon, my partner, a fellow photographer friend, and I geared up. We embarked on a trek up Mount Johns in Alice Springs, aiming to get the best vantage point. The result? A breathtaking snapshot of this rare phenomenon.

To give some context to this celestial event:

  • Supermoon: A full moon at its closest point to earth, roughly 363,300km away.
  • Blue Moon: The occurrence of two full moons in a single month. This event takes place about 41 times in a century.

This spectacle becomes even more special when these two events converge, termed as a “blue supermoon.” As put by Macquarie University’s astrophysics professor, Richard de Grijs, a blue supermoon is when the second full moon in a month is also at its closest point to Earth.


Space expert Brad Tucker emphasized that “blue moon” denotes the frequency of the event, not the moon’s color. He pinpointed the optimal viewing times as sunset on August 30 and slightly later the subsequent day. – Which means if you missed it last night you can get a glimce of it tonight. 


Dr. Shannon Schmoll from Michigan State University sheds light on the phenomenon, explaining that the moon’s orbit around Earth isn’t perfectly round. When it’s closer during its full phase, it appears grander, causing a supermoon. Such blue supermoons visit our skies approximately once a decade, with the next one projected in 2029.