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I can shoot horses

For those of you that don’t know I come from an equestrian photography background. I spent many hours both in arenas and on the track and to this day I haven’t yet been run over, injured but I was a one point a little bit taken back when a rider decided to come very close to me as I was seated on the ground.

And I must say if that’s the only thing that happened to me in the years I spent sitting around these animals, that is a good thing.

I was just flicking through some old photos and came across this one and thought I would share, as it shows the strength and confidence on the rider, and I think has a really nice feel to it.

Portrait of a girl and her pony!

As an event and portrait photographer I get out and about , capturing those special  memories and I must admit I get a real kick photographing events where I get to meet  many new faces and often run into some old faces as well.  This is no more true than when I photograph equestrian events in and around Canberra.

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Make Your Subjects Stand Out

There is a big difference between someone that likes to take family or wedding portraits and a professional that takes family or wedding portraits.  The difference is their attention to what is in the background of an image…  or more importantly what is not in the background…

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