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What An Amazing Weekend!

The weekend away was full of fun and excitement in such amazing scenery that I cannot comprehend.
The strangest part of the weekend is that we are in a drought, and the lakes and the dams which we visited are amazingly low. While in North Queensland around Townsville they have had over a metre of rain in the last five days.
Here is a photo took at blowering reserve some hundred kilometres west of Canberra.
As you can see the dam is really green, the water levels are extremely low and the fact that is green means that the water levels have been so low for such a long time the vegetation has grown says a lot.
I have a heap of photos which I want to share and will I guess I’ll have to space out over a few days so I dont bore shitless, so here is the first of the ones which I took.
Hope you enjoy them and let me know what you think.

All This Talk Of A Fire Sunset!

Yesterday we had a sunset that was like fireballs out of this world which has set social media on fire!!!!!

There are some amazing photos going around so I thought i would share mine.

What do you think?

Blue Fire Sky

What A Shit Sunset!

Like what idiot climbs up on their roof to take photos of the sunset in what can only be called “shit slippers” on a 36c degree day?? Like REALLY!!!!

I am that idiot!!! and you are very much welcome. 🙂

Special Sunrise!

It seems to be a think of late that most weekends I get up early to capture the first rays of the day in a different location in and around Canberra. To day was not different except for the fact that my daughter asked to join me in the pre-dawn shoot. <3

Now to put some context into this, she is a teen and last time I checked teens are like vampires… they don’t get up before sunrise, so it was really nice to have her along.

While mother nature had very different ideas of what I could shoot with a heavy cloud cover we did happen to grab a small bit of sun as it was peeking through the clouds. 🙂

Sunrise across the lake

Sunrise across the lake

Hey Look Its Friday!

Since the weekend is upon us it is time for people to go to the party and have some fun, for me is also time to party except I generally party with my camera in hand while I capture the fun and excitement of the events that are part of being an event photographer.

To celebrate the end of the week and the start of the working weekend I snuck out to capture a few quick photos of the sunset as the colors in the sky were just amazing!!

Friday Sunset

Friday Sunset


So put on your dancing shoes and get ready for the wild weekend and maybe, just maybe you might see my face through my lens at an event near you. 🙂


The Eagles Nest

Waking up this morning an hour or so before sunrise I peeked out my window and to my surprise, the sky was clear as a bell which was weird considering the forecast was for rain and cloud but hey… I wasn’t complaining as I could use my early morning wake-up to sit out to the arboretum and capture the sun rising over our city before it started to wake.

I must say driving around Canberra before dawn on a Saturday morning is actually quite pleasant. The traffic is almost non-existent and in winter time the area is crisp as a new hundred dollar bill. Not that I’ve actually seen one of those in some time. lol

And getting to the arboretum was not surprised that there was no one around, not even any birds. Not sure if it was the cold weather or the fact that it was too early, maybe even a combination of both, either way, had the place to myself.

On top of one of our lookouts at the arboretum as sculpture there that is made up of all different types of metal shapes to create what is an Eagle’s nest sitting on top of the Eagle’s nest as you can see is an Eagle. Surprise surprise. During the daylight hours, it’s interesting to have a look at how they put this thing together but I must say I prefer the silhouette of the structure against the rising sun and the blue skies.

The Eagle's nest at the Canberra arboretum

The Eagle’s nest at the Canberra Arboretum

In the background, you can see Black Mountain with the fog on the clouds rolling across it as they moved from the hills towards the lake. While you can’t see it in this picture the tower was illuminated green. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture an image they are satisfied with that showed off the color but I guess that is a good excuse to go back.

Behind-the-scenes of an early morning sunrise

Behind-the-scenes of an early morning sunrise

Spending a few hours before dawn, taking the time to take some photos and take in the surrounds is a great way to start a weekend and a great way to ground yourself.

Were you sleeping while I was up capturing these photos for you also out and about capturing similar memories?

Sun rising across the nation's capital

Sun rising across the nation’s capital

Another weekend down

Wow, what a fantastic weekend and OMG what a sunset we had this afternoon.

After a weekend here in Canberra with two consecutive mornings hitting  -8° I took the opportunity to take my family camping. hahahaha

Yes I know right! Completely batty and completely insane but with all the cold into super frost that we experienced we got time to bond and capture my own memories, only to get home this afternoon and be greeted with the most amazing sunset.

What memories did you capture over the weekend?

Amazing Sunset after Subzero Temperatures

Amazing Sunset after Subzero Temperatures

Don’t Let The Rain Scare You!

A lot of photographers run away from the rain and the dark clouds.  I am not one of them.  The drama in the clouds the extra saturation in the landscape and the clean air always make for fantastic photos…..

Sure you might get wet but we are not made of sugar and you will survive.

The dark clouds formed and the rain started to come down so I jumped on the bike to chase the light like you only can on a BMW RR 1000s super sports bike and I must say I love the results. <3

So next time when the rain starts so falling go hunting for great photo ops… you will be surprised where you will find them.


BMW RR1000S in the rain enjoying the sunset

BMW RR1000S in the rain enjoying the sunset


Dark To Light and Light To Dark

One of the great things I love about shooting sunsets and sunrises is that they are always changing but still the same.  They bring their own feeling to the shot and the random formations that the clouds and sun bring is always mesmerizes.

The darkness is so close to the light but everything is still visible and to be able to have such contrast next to each other is truly beautiful and breathtaking……. To think most people don’t even release this is just outside their door or window and all they need to do is to stop and take a few minutes to watch this and I must say, for me seeing this puts life back into perspective.

What will tonight’s sunset bring and are you ready to watch it?

Light To Dark

Light To Dark

The Light Within The Storm

Hey, can you see that….  Yes that my friends is the end of the year fast approaching and boy what a year it has been.

This time of the year can be very stressful for a lot of people for many reasons but let me just say that within ever storm there is light and the sunshine at the other end.  So as we get into the silly season do take some time out to think of others. <3

This photo was taken looking over Lake Burley Griffin here in Canberra after a light storm rolled through the area a bit before.  It is made up of about 40 individual images to give this final image.

All my images are for sale and can be found on my on-line store and if you want to learn how to take these types of photos I conduct a one-on-one workshop and will be posting up a few workshops over the Christmas break so stay tuned.


Sunshine through the storm

Sunshine through the storm

Brought To You By..

Tonight’s sunset while it is lacking clouds it is has a feeling of a new beginning which fits tonight’s sponsor as tonight’s sunset is brought to you by…..

There goes another weekend as tomorrow is the start of another working week for those of you that work Monday to Friday. 🙂

Hope you are having a great Sunday night and getting in some relaxation before its back to work.

Do you have anything planned for the week ahead?

End of another weekend sunset

End of another weekend sunset

Oh So Many Posts In One Day…

Yeah, I know I don’t want to overload you guys with post but WOW….

Look at this sunset!!!!! Fair dinkum it is freaking awesome.  Man, I just love this time of year.  It is warm but not hot, you can have your doors and windows open and don’t need air conditioning but the best part is are the sunsets.  They are truly spectacular!!!!!

WOW - What a sunset???

WOW – What a sunset???



Well That Ends Another Weekend

As the sun sets on this Sunday night I empty my cameras, recharge my batteries and relax.

It has been a busy few weeks, busy with lots of behind the scenes things so it was nice to just chill out and take in the beauty of the world that is around us.

Chill Sunset

Chill Sunset

Say Goodbye to the Snow!

I would love to hear what you think of this image?

With the onset of spring and hopefully warmer weather, it’s a great time to go back to process some of the images I captured over the colder months.

This photo was taken as the sun was rising and hitting the Brindabella mountains as seen from my backyard.

The whole week was cold but not quite cold enough to get snow here in Canberra but it was cold enough to keep a good dusting of snow as you can see.

Snowcapped Brindabella mountains

Snowcapped Brindabella mountains

I figured if I can edit this photo I may as well record it so you guys can get to see the process and hopefully it will help you to improve not only a landscape photography but also your post processing.


Of course, if you want to learn more about landscape photography and post-processing keep an eye out for my workshops or send me an email.

Now onto the weekend. 🙂

The Calm Before The Storm

Tonight my team and I sit looking  over the heart of Melbourne and admire the view from our room while we chat about what tomorrow will bring and our plan of attack.

For tomorrow we are going to photograph the national iAwards convention and the following Gala event at the Convention Center in Melbourne where they will hand out the national ICT awards to the Australian finalists .

The day for us will start at 8am when we get on location to start setup for the day where we will erect our portable studio to get media shots throughout the day of the convention. We have a full day ahead as we capture the convention and the different rooms and sponsors along with the VIP areas and networking that is the life blood of such an event.  The day will finish with us capturing the Gala event where they will hand out the iAwards for this year and close at midnight.  We should get back to the hotel room at around 1am where I will have to process the media shots of the day so they are ready for media release by 6am.  🙂

So to say that tomorrow is going to be a big day is kind of an understatement but boy it will be a fantastic and we are all itiching to get into it…. but for now we look out the window and enjoy the quiet before the storm. 🙂

Melbourne iAwards Convention and Gala Event

Melbourne iAwards Convention and Gala Event

I Hate You Mother Nature!!!!!

Don’t you just hate it when you drive to the Snowy Mountains so you can get a shot of the Milky way above the snow away from light pollution but mother nature has other ideas and brings on the clouds…… 🙂
Oh this image was created by 37 images and the original is a size of 18644 x 12342.

Milky Way - Snowy Mountains

Milky Way – Snowy Mountains

Want to know how to take these types of shots? Shoot me a message as I conduct workshops that walk you through the process of capturing and processing these images.

Tell Your Mum You Love Her!

Last night one of my Facebook friends suffered a major motorbike accident where are a car pulled on in front of him at 80 kph. He is now in hospital with bleeding on the brain, busted pelvis, spinal injuries and multiple hand fractures, if he does pull through I would think he has a very long road of recovery in front of him.
This accident reminds me how fragile life is and how, what we have today, can be taken away in a heart beat.
Today is mothers day, take some time to be with or talk to your mother.  Give back some of the love attention that she showed you over the years as she too needs love and attention.
There are so many people out there, where their mothers have been taken too early and I am sure some of them would give up anything to be with their mothers on mothers day. <3

Sunset Over The River

Sunset Over The River

The Night before the Dawn!

101 years ago on this ANZAC day eve there was thousands of Australian and New Zealand men ordered to board ships and take hold of what was Gallipoli but in reality it was one of the ANZAC’s major defeats.

I look at this photo some time ago and it shows the peacefulness of the sunset also the hectic and fire of nature

The ANZAC’s must have been going through a similar thing. The orders were to take Turkish land must of been a standard order until they hit ground where they were fired upon by multiple machine-gun posts that they were unaware of.  The battle turned into what was a prolonged and devastating offensive on both sides it became our pinnacle of hope through ANZAC Day.

Without the sacrifices of these men in this battle and  every battle before and every battle after we would not have our way of life. The ANZAC spirit is built into the Australian culture, they are us and they always will be, for we are a nation that is not afraid to fight, we are not afraid to die for what we believe is right and that is true today as it ever was.

Tomorrow attend ANZAC Day memorials, respect and love our country and respect and love your family but remember and pay back to the ones that gave up everything and the ones that continue to do so even today.

Spend some money on 2-up and have fun,  if you see anyone with metals be it theirs or the relatives show them the respect which they deserve, have a conversation, ask them about their history as am sure you will find some amazing stories.

RIP our ANZAC’s and Let’s We Forget!

A sunset to remind us of the sacrifices of the Anzac's

A sunset to remind us of the sacrifices of the Anzac’s

Behind the Computer Once Again

In my business people have an idea that we spend all our time photographing but the reality is that we spend most of our time sitting in front of a computer screen. 🙁

Today was one of those days but I must say I learnt a lot, made a heap progress with some ideas I have bashing around my head and I got to capture a fantastic sunset.

How was your day?

What a Way to End a Mentally Draining Day

What a Way to End a Mentally Draining Day