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Nice…. A Day and Night Off to Sit Back and Relax!

With a shoot that was postponed as the client had to go away I had the day to myself to relax and catch up with house duties…  yay for a day off!!!!!

With half of the day cleaning and shampooing carpets and the other half watching “Highway Thu Hell” on Netflix which I think I am addicted to (thank god there is only 23 episodes)  I grabed a wine and watched the sun set from my back door.  🙂

And That Ends Another Day!

And That Ends Another Day!

I feel so relaxed that I think I am ready what another week…. Except tomorrow is a public holiday in Canberra, oh well what ever will I do with my time…… 😉

I know how about I organize a 5 hour shoot with a model, makeup artist and agent on a private farm, where we can capture natural and free spirit images.

If you have to work tomorrow have fun but those of us in Canberra will be enjoying the day and thinking of you…. ok ok ok maybe not..

Hey Look It’s Friday!

Oh boy what a week.  Covering events and portraits  through the week was fantastic but I must say it is nice to have a night off so I can get to bed before 2am and sleep into at least 6:05 am. lol

Once again the sunset tonight was spectacular and something I will never get sick of I dont think. 🙂

I will be posting a how to on this image tomorrow on my sister site so if you are interested in how to take and post process this type of photo have a look see tomorrow.

Until then I hope you have a fantastic night. <3

Thank God It's Friday

Thank God It’s Friday

As the Postprocessing Continues the Sunsets

With a full on afternoon of post processing photos from last night’s event and corporate portrait at photos of the Canberra Raiders cheer squad The Emeralds, I have a break in the weather to run outside and  get a quick snap while I export 300 images.

Sunsetting while I post process images.

Sunsetting while I post process images.

Two More Pictures before I Go!

I was looking through the other photos I took of this area and I have to share these two photos before I moved on and showed you the photos of the glowworms in the area up and around Lithgow.

These two photos were taken from the Kanangra wall lookout.

The first was a couple of hours after the sun had set while the second photo was  maybe an hour after the sun had gone over the horizon and after the New Year’s Eve fireworks I could see in Sydney.

Kanangra Walls - at night with the stars showing

Kanangra Walls – at night with the stars showing

The glow from the photo above is from the lights at of Sydney which were 80 km away and in the direction of the fireworks I saw only minutes before taking this shot.

Kanangra Walls - after the sun had gone

Kanangra Walls – after the sun had gone


The Walls Where You Can See for Miles

At the top of the stairs there is a fantastic lookout that looks over the magnificent Kanangra Walls.  These walls form the southernmost and of what is a spectacular valley and gorge that goes on for miles and miles from this location and believe it or not I had the opportunity to watch the new years eve fireworks from there.

Now for anyone that knows where the Kanangra-Boyd National Park is, they would know it is miles and miles and miles and miles away from Sydney so imagine my surprise when some of the other people there who have been regulars for years asked if I was hanging round to watch the fireworks. Now considering only had to wait another 40 minutes hell yes I was going to wait.

And to my surprise i could in fact see the fireworks from there!!!!! WOW

Before it got dark and the fireworks started I snapped this picture below and you can see why they call it the Blue Mountains!!

Kanangra Walls

Kanangra Walls

There are varying stories as to why the mountains seemed blue however one smart little cookie scientist put it down to the fracturing of light and the fact that only the blue light is disbursed due to atmospheric conditions within the gorges. This is not a unique to the Blue Mountains in New South Wales it can be seen in other places around the world which share similar characteristics.

No matter what the reason the view is spectacular and one I will definitely go back and see.

It was kind of a shame to leave this place but my journey and travels were taking me north up to the Jenolan Caves.

Waterfalls and steps

After dropping my gear off at the Boyd River camping ground I did a quick run down to the Kanangra Walls which also holds a fantastic waterfall at the bottom of a rough bush track that is made up of slate and what only seemed like around 400 steps on the way down.

It’s a scientific fact that if you count the amount of steps going down to a place any account the amount of steps coming up from the exact same place on the exact same path, there are always four times as many steps going up. It’s really weird like that, and this place was no exception.

It’s return walk of about an hour but I think you can actually do it in about half an hour if you reasonably fit. You do have to be really careful however as there are no fences and the ground is made up of shale and can be very slippery in places with no chance of forgiveness for a slip could see you fall off the edge of the cliff. 🙂

It is however worth the walk because at the bottom you come to a fantastic little waterfall that has a fairly deep hole at the bottom of which makes for a very refreshing place for a swim on a hot day.

Kanangra Walls Waterfall

Kanangra Walls Waterfall

Given that this was peak season I had this waterfall all to myself which I thought was kind of amazing.

After all who wouldn’t want to be here!

I sat down there for around 45 minutes or so admiring the waterfall and testing out the cool freshwater, especially as it was really hot.

Kanangra Walls Waterfall

Kanangra Walls Waterfall

It was started to get dark down there so it was time to head off back up the 8 million steps so I could reach the top just in time before the sunset and giving me a fantastic opportunity to photograph Blue Mountains and the Kanangra Walls in all its glory while I enjoy the last few hours of 2015.

Well Hello There!

Over the new year I was up in and around the Blue Mountains of NSW taking in this wonderful countryside while capturing some landscape photo and what an experience!!!

Waking up on new years day I rolled out of my swag to get some early morning photos before the sun decided to cover the entire area with harsh shadows as the light pieced through the trees.

Quick stroll through the campsite revealed this little fella just having is morning breakfast. 🙂

Swamp wallaby

Swamp Wallaby

These little swamp wallabies are the cutest little things you’ll ever see. They only stand around 40 cm high and have the fluffy as coats that look incredibly soft. This little chap was happy for me to snap his photo while he went about his business of foraging around the campsite.

Swamp Wallaby hanging around on the rocks around the campsite

Swamp Wallaby hanging around on the rocks around the campsite

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this campsite but after a five hour drive was happy to see the sign of what would be the place I would spend my New Year’s Eve.

Kanangra-Boyd National Park - Boyd River Campsite

Kanangra-Boyd National Park – Boyd River Campsite

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised of the quality of this campsite. It had toilets scattered throughout and had the option to either camp next year vehicle or use one of the other predefined camp spots that had established fire pits with hot plates. The location of this campsite is ideal as it is located just down the road from Kanangra Walls, which was fantastic as I got to see 2015 out while taking photos and looking out over the gorge.

The campsite also has a small hut with a very impressive fireplace, one I could see myself sitting in front of. 🙂

Boyd River Hut

Boyd River Hut

No matter how impressive the campsite and the fireplace was it really couldn’t compete to what I was about to see!!!!  The Kanangra Walls and waterfall….

If you want to see photos of the gorge and the Kanangra Walls you have to stick around for a few days as they will come in a follow-on post. 🙂

All of these photos can be purchased from my online store and come as downloads or printed. Simply click on the link from the menu.

Where Will 2016 Take You?

As the last sunsets over the evening sky for 2015 we all generally like to sit back and bot reflect on the year that has gone and look forward toward the year that is ahead.  Most of us will have grand plans of what it will be like and the amazing things we will achieve.

Most will move on from new years day with little direction toward the grand plans they made just a few hours before.


I see the world through a lens and in a series of frames, with each frame different from the next and all frames unique and can never be repeated, so if you do just one thing tonight take a photo of yourself with all the warmth of these new and wonderful grand plans you have for the year ahead, and when you lose faith or just get busy in life pull out that photo and remember…..  Remember that moment in time where you were for just a fraction of a second free to dream and become whatever you want to be.  🙂

The process of capturing a fraction in time that lasts a lifetime is an amazing thing and one I don’t think I will ever get sick of.

Now for me I will be spending tonight not alone but with the love of my life.  Under the stars with my photography 🙂

For me the night life and the crisp early mornings make for fantastic photos so I will be spending it under the stars with my camera by my side to capture one of Australian’s true wonders……  The Australian Blue Mountains.

What are you planning for tonight? and what amazing things will you be doing over the next year?

Wishing on a star, night photography, camiping, rhino rack, foxwing sunseeker

Wishing on a star

PS: If you are interesting in learning how to capture night shots like this one and the technique of painting with light let me know as I am looking and conducting some workshops if the interest is there. 🙂

Technical Info:

  • Exposure: 30 seconds
  • Aperture: 2.8
  • Focal Length: 24 mm
  • Lighting: Used a flash light to paint the trees and everything in the foreground.

Welcome To The Weekend!!!!

The weekend is finally here and what a glorious weekend it is set to be. The weather here in Canberra is going to be in the high 20s with some cloud cover to keep the harsh some way.

One of the great things about living in the bush capital of Australia is that it’s only a short drive you are surrounded by magnificent eucalypt trees, native grasses and not to mention the Australian animals like kangaroos and wallabies.

Last weekend I packed the truck with my camping, camera and fishing gear to head to a place called McIntyre’s Hut and Flea Creek, and if there was something I learned it was that I much better at taking photos that I am fishing. 🙂

I could see the fish and even when dangling the bait in front of their little faces I still couldn’t catch shit!!!!!! hahahahaha  So I cracked out a few beers and put my camera to work instead.

What is it that you have planned this weekend?

Rhino rack, Pioneer tray, FoxWing, sunseeker, four-wheel-drive, Brindabella ranges

Standing on my Rhino Rack Pioneer tray to get the shot of waterfall trail at the back of the Brindabella ranges.

Coastline Everywhere

Here in Australia we have a selection of places that we can go and photograph, and one of the favorite places which most of us tend to gravitate to because of our proximity to it is the coast. Its diverse, wide and spectacular.

I don’t often get a chance to get down to the coast as most my time is taken up hiding in events, studios and other places which don’t necessarily give me a coastal view so to speak. Some months ago I took the opportunity to sneak down the coast for a weekend some relaxation, to get some photos and also do some location scouting for some up-and-coming shoots once the weather gets warmer.

One of the places I ended out was at Merimbula and what a spectacular place it is. Along one of the main beaches has a rocky area which I think is kinda unique as it looks more like a boat ramp than ocean facing rocks. I snapped this photo and looking at it doesn’t do the place Justice is a details the rocks are hard to see but would you can see is the spectacular view is easily accessible in this location.

I plan to get back down there in the warmer months is a location is ideal for my portable lighting equipment as the ground is hard and even while offering a unique location with rocks that have texture and depth while also facing out to the ocean so I can capture the sunrise with models lit in the foreground using my Elinchrom Ranger Quadra kits.

So if you do get a chance get down that way and have look into forget to take your camera.

Rocky Merimbula coastline

Rocky Merimbula coastline

Sydney Harbour Is an Amazing Place!

There are many things to see and do in Sydney and one of the best places I think to hang out is in and around the Sydney Harbour and circular quay.

The sights and sounds and the people bringing unique feeling to this area and while it is all hustle and bustle during the day in the evening it settles down and is filled with people enjoying this open area.

Of course there are many things to see and photograph in this area but one is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I captured this photo from the intercontinental club Lounge which is situated on the 31st floor of the intercontinental hotel, and I must say if you ever want to stay in Sydney that is the place.

As I work my way through the photos or post them up for you guys to see and I love to see your photos of Sydney Harbour and circular quay, feel free to send them to me and I’ll put them in a blog post for everyone to see.

Black-and-white Sydney Harbour Bridge and Luna Park at night

Black-and-white Sydney Harbour Bridge and Luna Park at night

Chasing the Sun with on Location Studio Lighting!!

Last Sunday I did an impromptu photo shoot that required a lot of running and a bit of organising to be able too pull it off!!

This was also probably one of the quickest shoots I have ever done. We pulled up at the location, I pulled out my lighting equipment, the model assumed the position and I snapped away.

Chasing the sun is always lots of fun!

Must say it was really handy to have a model which has a lot of experience she needed almost no guidance and very beneficial as we were chasing the sun setting and time is very limited.

I must say in the space of 10 minutes we captured a heap of images that not only matched my mind’s eye vision of the shot but also awesome in how they came together!! Here is just one of those images.

Fashion chasing the sunlight

Fashion chasing the sunlight

Other images from the shoot can be found my galleries of the menu on the left-hand side.

I’m free…….

Being trapped in the office on a Saturday can be a real drag especially when it is a fantastic day out side….

Well I threw work to the wind, jumped on my motorbike and set myself free…  Even if it was for a short period but just enough to capture a fantastic sunset…

Boy I wish I brought my DSLR….  Lol

Sunset Over Canberra - Off iPhone

Sunset Over Canberra – Off iPhone


Location Location Location!!!

As and event and portrait photographer I am always on the look out for new location where I can not only take my clients but also places where I can find inspiration for my own personal shoots.

Over the Easter break I got a chance to pop up to Goulburn to see a friend, so what better opportunity than to have a look around for some nice locations and boy they have a lot of places to offer…  🙂

From shitty lanes ways, to cathedrals, and hill memorials, there was a lot of places on offer…

So if you are looking for something different and want to travel, drop me a message and I am sure there are places there that will suit your taste and style, so you get the perfect images.

Goulburn War Memorial & Museum

Goulburn War Memorial & Museum

You can see more about this memorial here

Want to know what is boring about sunsets?

In that case don’t ask me… ha ha ha

Man, I could watch sunsets everyday, and in fact I almost do when I am at home or out on set.  The beauty that is in the sun going down is only beaten by the sun coming up in the morning..

It makes me feel alive and connected with what is around me…. be it people, pets, animals, nature, country, city and my chickens…   bwhahahahah…  Sorry I was watching them free range around the yard with the sun setting and boy, oh, boy they have it tough…..

Anyways… back to my sunset….

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and that you got out, and had a bit of fun.  If you had a wedding or some other event… congrats on getting through it, as they can be stressful leading up to them, but they are a lot of fun on the day/night…

Oh one small thing… If you did have an event, how come I wasn’t the event or wedding photographer…  You know my number right??????? If not pop over to my contact page and write my number down……   😉

Till next time enjoy you Sunday night.


A wedding photographers view of a Canberra Sunset

A wedding photographers view of a Canberra Sunset

Long weekend surprise, so should I say sunrise. :)

With Canberra halfway through a long weekend, and the balloon festival starting yesterday what better excuse than you get up early, and get some sunrise shots.

Sunrise shots can be relatively tricky, due to the contrast of the sun and the general surroundings. I took this photo below and a few others but I really liked the glare from the sun, striking across the lens. This effect can be generated in Photoshop, but from my perspective so much nicer to get in camera.

Long weekend sunrise

Long weekend sunrise

The shot was created using three individual exposures, which were merged in Photoshop to allow the foreground and the middle ground to be exposed. Without doing this they were completely black as a sun was overpowering anything else in creating silhouettes of the mountains.

Show me some of your landscape shots?

Wow what a first week back!

As we come to the end of the week, and what was really my first week back in the swing, I must say it was a fantastic week.

If I look back over the week I see that I made a lot of new friends, I looks some great photos of a great cause, I got out and about in the sun shine (maybe somewhat more than I should have as I got sun burned), I got some exercise, rode a good few km on my motorbike with friends and got to see a wonderful sunset as I walked around the lake yesterday.

All in all a great first week.

What amazing things filled your week?


As the sunsets over another day we look forward to tomorrow

Days end and days begin…  what makes them different it the way we look at them…

Some days we have shit days and some days we have great days… but what makes up a good day?  or for that matter a shit day?

I look out over by backyard and see this view…  It is amazing in all aspects… but it is a view that we all see and we all see must about every day of our lives… but why is it that we do not see it?

Most of the time we walk around with our eyes shut… There is soooooo much beauty in this world that we take if for granted…  We just walk through our lives not looking around and as some would say, not smelling the roses… lol

Here are my roses. 🙂

Sunset before Christmas

Sunset before Christmas


Sydney – the land of the great long train station

Being up in Sydney is kind if like being a kid in a candy store.

As a photographer there are soo many things here to photograph and the textures and feeling of the place is sooooo different to Canberra.

Canberra is very organised and clean. Sydney is the other end of that.
Canberra has very little in the way of mess and things that just seem out of place and Canberra is very straight faced. Sydney is not.

Let me give you a prime example. The other night when I got back to my room at 2am after covering a the LDA (Latin Dance Australia) ball, I looked out across my balcony into Sydney Oylimpic Park where I could see an large area if grass and on that grass to my surprise there were 6 people kicking a ball around. What the hell is with that….. It’s 2am and you are out kicking a ball around…. Ha ha ha

Another example, as I look out my room I see many different things to photograph one of which is the train station.


This train station only goes to one other stop and sits in among old and new buildings, some of which you will see in future blogs after I get the chance to photograph them over the next day it so.

The mix if old and new but mainly old is quite fascinating to me and when I see old houses I just want to be able to walk in to see what is there, I want to be able to take photos and capture the stories that these building have gained over the years and I just want to capture that essence and feelings contained with in those walls….

So let me throw this out to you. Take some photos of where you live and capture all those things I just explained and send them to me. The best photo that tells a story if the place I will post on my blog next week when I get home, along with a quick interview with the winner, so they can tell the world what it is like to live where you live and tell everyone the feelings that are contained in your image.

Good luck and if you need a hand or after some ideas drop me a line.

So hope to it as you have until next Monday.

Have a great da and enjoy the Sydney sunshine and great weather.


What a wonderful week it is going to be!!!

For the next couple of days I get to go along travel in particular part of southern New South Wales along the Victorian border that I’ve never been before.

I will get to photograph some magnificent lakes and early-morning sunrises, while partaking in a cold drink while watching the sunset over the lake. One of the other things I’ll be doing will be catching up with the model which from all accounts doesn’t normally have access to photographers given her location. It should be an interesting experience for her and I, as I have never been to the location and I believe she will be bringing a whole heap of helium balloons along for the shoot.

I’ll also be taking along a friend to not only keep me company but also I will be putting him to work. 🙂

He is a budding landscape photographe and together we will be capturing some of these sunrises, while I pass on some of my knowledge in the short amount of time we will have.
So all in all it should be a fantastic week ahead, so if you don’t hear from me please don’t worry as I’ll be enjoying the best that this country has to offer.

And I hope I’ll be able to capture some unique images and bring them back to show all, hopefully it will inspire you to get out there in the early morning visit places which you may have never thought of visiting, so you too can capture the splendour that is Australia.

Let the sun shine through!!!

Let the sun shine through!!!