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Don’t Let The Rain Scare You!

A lot of photographers run away from the rain and the dark clouds.  I am not one of them.  The drama in the clouds the extra saturation in the landscape and the clean air always make for fantastic photos…..

Sure you might get wet but we are not made of sugar and you will survive.

The dark clouds formed and the rain started to come down so I jumped on the bike to chase the light like you only can on a BMW RR 1000s super sports bike and I must say I love the results. <3

So next time when the rain starts so falling go hunting for great photo ops… you will be surprised where you will find them.


BMW RR1000S in the rain enjoying the sunset

BMW RR1000S in the rain enjoying the sunset


Sneak Peak – Drowned Beauty!!! – Anna

Anna is just a fantastic person to work with..  She has been on many shoots with me and is always prepared to give her best and then some..

Her and I were chatting on set about a shoot we did a year ago where we started at around 8 pm and went until about 2am…  lol

It was a super fun shoot and I think we both learned a lot over that night.

Once again she didn’t disappoint and was super professional and pulled off the shots in what was very crappy conditions…  Which for us was fantastic as that is what we were after.. lol

Drowned Beauty - Anna

Drowned Beauty – Anna

Sneak Peak – Lady in the Rain

As a on-location portrait photographer I am to some extent I am reliant on the call of nature.

If its windy I have to deal with it, if it is sunny I have to deal with that, if its cold I have to deal with that and if it rains I have to deal with that..

The difference with this shoot wasRead More