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Invest in yourself

Today is not only my birthday but it also marks a new beginning in my photographic journey. It is a day in which 2 new Canon 5D IV arrived on my doorstep to close off the final pieces in part of my photographic business plan.

It marks the day which I now have all the equipment I need to be able to shoot on location at events and the images I take are sent live across a wireless network to portable Wacom Workstation Pro table, where an assistant will process before uploading the images to either my online store or a Google Drive account where my clients can access them within minutes of the images being taken.

For competitions, I can now shoot while these images are being worked on in the background and never need to walk away from the action. Competitors can now get access to view and purchase images of themselves and their achievements within minutes, not hours, days or in some cases weeks.

Gala and awards clients will now have access to their images before the celebration drinks have been finished and allow them to capitalize on their own marketing of their events.

For weddings, the bride and groom can have access to their images in the fastest possible time as they can not be processed while we are still shooting the event.

2 Canon 5D IV's with battery grips and 64gig super fast SD Cards

2 Canon 5D IV’s with battery grips and 64gig super fast SD Cards

Over the last month, I have been investing heavily in equipment as to bring the dream of being able to delivery super high-quality professional images to you in lighting speed, speeds that are not normally associated with progressional event photography.  I know you are going to love this new service as it takes event photography to a whole new level.

Bring on a new beginning and remember to always back and invest in yourself. 🙂

Soft Silky Morning

Looking through my window down across the valley and onto the hills of the Brindabella mountains, I see the soft clouds as they roll down the hills weaving their way through the valleys, trees, and closer houses. The soft overcast day brings with it very soft light that almost removes all shadows from between the houses and hills.

This for me is the perfect photographing weather as it removes all shadows and harsh light to give even contrast across the entire image. The only problem with this is that without shadows you have no depth and you have no dimension but it does give me the ability to create my own. This my friends are why I have battery-powered studio lights that I can take on location. It allows me to shoot almost anywhere and create the images and shadows to bring it look that I’m after.

Let me give you an example, look at this image below, and ask yourself.

  • Would this image have the same impact if it was without shadows?
  • Do the shadows add to the feeling of the image and why?
Soft Vale

Soft Vale

For this image, I used a 100cm x 100cm Elinchrom softbox that had two defusers, giving me a soft light that wraps around the subject bringing highlighting the soft texture of the skin while allowing the light to penetrate through the Vale and not over exposing it.

What Is In A Badge????

When you own a Ferrari, it’s not about how hot the car is, the deep rumble from the exhaust as your accelerate away, nor the way the people stop and stare as your drive past….  It is all about the badge…  🙂

It is interesting when you photograph things like Ferrari’s, BMW’s, jewelry, watches, etc, things that have been photographed thousands of times before.

  • How do you make it look special?
  • How do you bring the feeling and passion to what is just an object?
  • How to you stir the feelings that are deep down inside of people looking that something they already know and understand?
  • How do you take a photo of something that has gazillion photos of it already and make it look new???

For me, the answer is in the lighting, composition, and just going outside of the box. 🙂

Ferrari Badge

Ferrari Badge


The lines and shape of things can say a lot. Capture them. :)

The lines and shape of things can say a lot. Capture them.

When shooting things you have to make sure you get a variety of shots. I start with the basics to ensure I get the shot and then move onto other ideas once I know I have the images in the bag.

The Love And The Passion That is Farrari

The Love And The Passion That is Ferrari


Using a bit of darkness can put a bit of mystery into a shot and make the viewer’s mind work a bit harder keeping them drawn into the image longer.

Darkness can be your friend

Darkness can be your friend


In the next two images, I changed my camera settings so that the subjects in the background were our of focus while the subject in the front was in focus.  This brings the attention to the subject. I could have focused on the person at the rear to blur the person at the front to give the same result.

Shallow depth of field brings the attention to different subjects.

Shallow depth of field brings the attention to different subjects.


Shallow depth of field brings the attention to different subjects.

Shallow depth of field brings the attention to different subjects.

Product photography, when mixed with portraits, can be a very effective way to get your products out there.   If you want to know more drop me a message.  My details can be found on my contact page.

Ferrari’s are HOT!!!!

What a freaking awesome shoot today…  Man, it was amazing…  I had two super hot models, with outfits that were amazing, makeup that was on point like you wouldn’t believe and a freaking super hot Ferrari…..

The best thing is that I also had the photographic gods on my side as they gave me lots of cloud cover to get some really stunning images. <3

Here is just one of the heap of portrait and car images we captured.  I know you are going to love it as much as I do.


Ferrari Couple

Ferrari Couple

If you are looking at getting married or just after a one of a kind photo shoot like this, drop me a line from my contact page. 🙂

It’s -6° and We Are Having Fun!

Wee bit ago I had the opportunity to participate in a collaboration between myself, two models (Laurynn and Rhett) , a make-up artist – Jakki from “Makeup by Jacklyne”,  Jaemi as our talented stylist from DayDream Styles and my lovely work experience assistant Emily.

Now the time of booking this photo shoot we kind of didn’t take into consideration the Canberra at this time of year gets very cold and on the very morning we shot this it was -6°. brrrrrrr

Me I was okay as I had thermals, gloves, beanie, double socks and not to mention a scarf and jacket. The poor models on the other hand were not so lucky and I must say they did a fantastic job considering it was extremely cold.

On the scene when it is -6°

On the scene when it is -6°

The make up artist was not faring so well as I was not sure she was really prepared for what was one of the coldest mornings we have had for a long time.

When I arrived on just before day break I cracked out my thermos with freshly made coffee and offered it around. To my surprise no one at that point wanted any,  what I can say after they had stood in the cold for a few hours they were more than happy to have a cupa, even if it was just to hold the hot cup. hahahahaha

The same was true for the gloves I offered to the make up artist, at first she didn’t want them but after s bit she was okay with the offer..

I must say the photos turned out really nice and the stylist did a fantastic job.  Her fiancee also needs to get an award for helping her set up the scene in the dark and freezing conditions before we showed up. 🙂

Look at how cute these guys look!

Look at how cute these guys look!

All in all it was a great day and you wouldn’t know looking at these photos that it was actually freezing!! That is the power of photography my friends….  🙂

If you are interested in having a one-of-a-kind photo shoot for your wedding or engagement drop us a line and I’m sure we can make it something very special.

Styled Couple – Sneak Peek

After what was a bit of a long and somewhat cold day we managed to get a couple of shoots completed and with a very happy team…  😉

Glad I took along hot coffee and tea as it went a very very long way in keeping the team happy when it is -6 on location in the middle of civic…  Well done guys.

With a good few hundred images to sort through to get the top 10 its going to be a tough call, however to get the ball rolling here is just one of the hundred of images and a bit of a sneak peek in to this mornings antics.    Enjoy

Styled bridal shoot at Glebe Park with bride and groom

Styled bridal shoot at Glebe Park with bride and groom

Want to know what is boring about sunsets?

In that case don’t ask me… ha ha ha

Man, I could watch sunsets everyday, and in fact I almost do when I am at home or out on set.  The beauty that is in the sun going down is only beaten by the sun coming up in the morning..

It makes me feel alive and connected with what is around me…. be it people, pets, animals, nature, country, city and my chickens…   bwhahahahah…  Sorry I was watching them free range around the yard with the sun setting and boy, oh, boy they have it tough…..

Anyways… back to my sunset….

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and that you got out, and had a bit of fun.  If you had a wedding or some other event… congrats on getting through it, as they can be stressful leading up to them, but they are a lot of fun on the day/night…

Oh one small thing… If you did have an event, how come I wasn’t the event or wedding photographer…  You know my number right??????? If not pop over to my contact page and write my number down……   😉

Till next time enjoy you Sunday night.


A wedding photographers view of a Canberra Sunset

A wedding photographers view of a Canberra Sunset

Colour in the bride

Always wanted to take photos of an Indian bride.

The colour and the glamour of such a wedding is something which is out of the ordinary when you compare it to our Western culture. These brides are dressed up in all sorts of colours and jewelry which is enhanced with the movement and music that goes with such weddings.Read More

Introducing Mr and Mrs Miller!!!!

WOW!!!!!!  What a great wedding and a great couple. The wedding went off without a hitch the bride and her entourage look spectacular thanks to Felicity (

I have worked with Felicity on a few weddings now and countless photo shoots, and I can say with complete confidence that her work is always spectacular, so I wasn’t surprised that Caroline looked a million dollars and with that dress and million dollar smile…… OMG!!!!!!

I spent some time with the ladies while they were getting ready where was capturing the feelings and emotions that bubbled up inside but not sure if it was from excitement or just the champagne. 🙂

After an hour or so with the ladies I headed off to chase down the guys get some photos of them. Paul the groom seemed relatively calm…… But that was until the time got closer and closer. He was pacing around releasing a whole heap of nervous energy which is always good sign, and I must say he looked fantastic. It was really nice to see him dressed up and full of excitement for what was going to be a really special moment in his and Caroline’s life.

I received an SMS that the girls were on their way and in true photographer fashion I started marshalling people into their locations and with not a minute to spare. The bride was coming down the road as the groom was walking to the altar.

She got out of the vintage car, the sun was gleaming over her shoulder, hitting her veil which only increased the glow which is already radiating from within her.

The feeling of anticipation,as she gazed across the manicured lawns to see her future husband was just magical. It was really very touching and one I was able to capture.

Ceremony was lovely with a lot of heartfelt emotion and tears – and that was just me… 🙂

Before we knew it we had in front of us two people which arrived as a couple but were leaving as man and wife.

Mr and Mrs Miller

Mr and Mrs Miller

The couple meeting each other at the altar

The couple meeting each other at the altar

Gazing in anticipation at her future husband

Gazing in anticipation at her future husband

The long walk down the aisle

The long walk down the aisle

The Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Today’s the day where I not only get to go along and photograph, what will be a fantastic wedding, in the beautiful surrounds of Mount Stromlo, but it will also be the union between man and wife. The union that should not be taken lightly and is a lifelong commitment.

This union today has a special meaning, it is the union between one my longest friends and his beautiful partner. They both bring many things the party.  Kids, history, baggage, and dreams. Most importantly of all, they bring together the love and companionship, that such deep relationship has and can only be experienced us letting down our shields and guards that we use to protect ourselves.

To give up to someone completely and wholly is a special and rewarding feeling and something that cannot be underestimated. It brings a freedom and comfort that can not be found in any other way. The idea that someone has your back and will be with you from now until the day you die is such a touching feeling and one I hope to capture today.

I wish them all the best, as they deserve nothing less and they know…. that if they do falter I will be here to help them through this journey and I am their friend from now until the end of time.

Well it’s time for me to pack my bags, clean my cards, and ensure my lenses are without blemishes, as today is their special day and it is my job to make sure their memories, love and dreams are captured for an eternity.

Wedding bells are ringing

Wedding bells are ringing

Make Your Subjects Stand Out

There is a big difference between someone that likes to take family or wedding portraits and a professional that takes family or wedding portraits.  The difference is their attention to what is in the background of an image…  or more importantly what is not in the background…

What do I mean by this?Read More