On the scene when it is -6°
The beauty of the forest
Wedding bells are ringing
Volunteers at the Ronald McDonald house charity gala ball with Ronald McDonald himself
Wonder Woman
Noo Gray images to support her entry into Miss Teen Australia 2014
OMG - That Was Awesome
Afghan girl Canberra ported photographer
I Am the Star Lord
Michael Jackson tribute group
Photographic Lighting Workshop New Zealand Auckland
Slime shoot
Reflections of a bride
The crowd was going off like a frog in a sock

Follow me shooting

I had the pleasure of shooting a dance event a bit back and I thought I would try something different and document my night so you can see some of the […]

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The Eagles Nest

Waking up this morning an hour or so before sunrise I peeked out my window and to my surprise, the sky was clear as a bell which was weird considering […]

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Another weekend down

Wow, what a fantastic weekend and OMG what a sunset we had this afternoon. After a weekend here in Canberra with two consecutive mornings hitting  -8° I took the opportunity […]

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