Benny Wills Photos Are Up!

Boy oh boy what another fantastic event the Benny Wills Gala night was!

It was as I predicted –  full of fun, laughter and tears.  This year was different the the time I photographed this event two years ago.  Last time there was only one researcher working on a cure, with no progress, this year they have 9 researchers and have grown the tissues in the lab and have come up with a way to slow down the progress of the cancer.    This is an amazing thing for the families effected by this and I hope progress continues.

I setup a studio photo booth at the back of the room with some props so people could swing past when I had my lights on and get a few rando snaps and boy I did get some great shots…  lol

Some of the people that attended my studio photo booth to have a bit of fun.
Some of the people that attended my studio photo booth to have a bit of fun.

There was of course a serious side to all of this with the formal part of the evening with the stories and pictures of the children displayed up on the big screen.

Research is vital
Research is vital

Listening to the stories and watching the raw emotion spill out over the floor was very touching and showed the personal effect it has one everyone.

Welcome the VIP's
Welcome the VIP’s

All in all I think it was a successful night and I cant wait for next years gala event where i will once again offer up my time for free to support such a cause.

If you want to have a look at all the photos of the night you can see them from the events menu on the left hand side of this screen.

NOTE:  If you find yourself in them you have my full permission to download and use these images for your personal use. 🙂


Benny Wills Gala Night!

As I iron my clothes, charge my batteries, format my memory cards and back my bags for tonight gala ball I ponder at what memories I will capture tonight.  What people will I meet and what amazing stories will I hear.

The night is bound to be full of lots of laughter and tears for special young children that suffer from terminal brain cancer.  As a father it is an emotional event to cover I know all the monies raised goes into finding a cure into something that strikes down the children in our community.

I must say my team seems to becoming the kings of covering gala and corporate events here in Canberra and with my team also traveling to Sydney and Melbourne we are gaining some very valuable skills and experience in this space, and not only do we do photography we also do live internet streaming of these events.

Tonight will be no exception as we will have a photographer and our vidographer at the event to ensure we capture as much as we can do the foundation can use every bit of it to give to their VIP’s while also allowing them to promote next years event and raise even more valuable money.

Whatever you are doing tonight and no matter where you are, take a moment to think of your loves ones…  Hug them, tell them you love them and make the most of your time together as you never do know when they will be taken from your arms.

Have a great night!

Benny Wills Offical Photographer
Benny Wills Offical Photographer

Hey Looked What I Packed!!!

Check out this video that shows some the stuff I am packing for my next little adventure covering the National iAwards conference and gala awards night at the Melbourne Convention Center.

My team comprises of two photographers and an assistant at the iAwards conference and another photographer in my team covering TheMHS conference and awards to be held here in Canberra, so it promises to be a busy week here at Brendan Maunder Photography.

Now I better run as I still have to pack the car and with a 7 hour drive in front of me I think I need a coffee.  🙂

Packing the car to cover an event in Melbourne.

If you a have large event that needs to be covered by a team of experts in the field, drop me a message as I am sure we can help and we do travel. 🙂

TheMHS conference 2015 – Official Photographer

We have been busy in the background working with some organisations to make sure we can cover their events and TheHMS Annual Conference for 2015 is one of those events.

It will take part in a few weeks and will be hosting the mental health awards for health professionals from all around Australia.

It will prove to be a fantastic event not only for these health professionals by allowing them to learn and share ideas that will improve metal health throughout Australia, which in turn benefit us all.  🙂

TheMHS Annual Conference
TheMHS Annual Conference – 2015

Benny Wills Gala Night – Official Photographer

Once again this year I’m privileged to be the official photographer for the Benny Wills gala night.

For anyone that doesn’t know about the Benny Wills foundation you should really pop over to their website and have a read

Their story is not only incredibly sad it also is tremendously inspiring. To lose a child to a fatal brain tumour would have to be one of the hardest things to go through in your life but to come back and create a foundation dedicated to the research into the very brain tumour that took your son’s life shows tremendous courage and strength.

To stand there and photograph these incredibly tough parents while they discuss the lives and the process of how this hideous disease takes the lives of their children is heartbreaking. To have to live through that and to know that once your child is diagnosed death is only six months away, I cannot imagine what they would go through. 🙁

It is for this reason I donate my time to this event as I believe that with time, money and the advancement of technology they will find a cure or as a minimum extend the life of these poor children so they can enjoy some additional time with their loved ones.

If you like to book a table or buy some tickets you can do that online and I urge you to come along as it is really a fantastic night.

Benny Wills Offical Photographer
Benny Wills Offical Photographer