Horses are packed away, kids are back in their own beds and the Zone 16 Camp for 2013 is over.

I must admit after a full week as the official photographer for the camp I am blown away by the commitment that all the riders and horses put in…  Each and every day 300 people were up are 6am to feed their horses, to have a short break before being in the saddle at 8:15am.

They would then ride hard until around 5pm before putting their horses away for the day.

There were tears and laughter, frustration and success.  The emotional roller coaster that these riders went through each and everyday was relentless, but each and every day these riders took on the challenges of that day, and showed it who was boss…..

I take my hat off to all the riders and horse and a big thank you to everyone that worked in the background to put on such a wonderful event.

Blown away

Wind farm in the hills around Bungendore.

This photo was taken standing at the Bungendore show-grounds, looking north east into the hills that are around Lake George.