Popped to to Floriade this morning to spend some quality time with the family and get out into the sun before the working week and the end of the school holidays.

What a great day..  The sun was out and we got their early to beat the crowds.

Chicken run, chooks

Why have chooks?

Floriade's flowers event photographer canberra

Floriade’s millions of flowers

Floriade's Big Wheel

Floriade’s Big Wheel

Floriade is all about flowers… well almost…  There are other attractions there like side show and lot of shops.

Along with expos on how to maintain a garden and keep some chooks, this year also had a really big yellow duck…

rubber duck

On of the biggest ducks I have seen

rubber ducks, event photographer canberra

One of the many ducks ready to be plucked from the water.

After being attracted to a big yellow duck like a moth to the flame it because obvious that it was part of a promotion for the big yellow van. www.Commsatwork.org.

Minister for Tourism and Events, Andrew Barr MLA was called upon to select one lucky duck from the hundreds that were swimming in the pond, with the number on the duck to be read out and the winner to get $6,000 cash… Nice… I wish I had of know I would of entered myself..

Andrew Barr MLA event photographer canberra

Minister for Tourism and Events, Andrew Barr MLA will scoop three ducks out of the pool and announce the lucky winners.

And of course you wouldn’t win money unless you had a really big cheque!!!! So here it is.

Andrew Barr even photographer canberra

Andrew Barr MLA with the winning cheque

Communities at work

Communities at work well worth the support so they can continue their support

Now if there is a charity to support this is one of them, as they spend their time helping out our kids that are less fortunate.