Well my 100% slime has arrived well in time for my artistic slime shoot in a couple of week.

The gentleman from the on-line store was happy to make up this 100% slime purchase even though it is not a normal product they sell.

Normally they sell a 50-50 mix of slime and jelly that is then used for things like jelly wrestling but for what I need it for that wasnt thick enough.

He gave me a call after he sent the order saying that:

  • This stuff is super super super slippery
  • He has never made up 100% slime to the quaty that I want
  • He is super excited to help me out and would be willing to help me out in the future.
  • he gave me double the amount for free as he has never made up that much he wanted to make sure I have more than not enough.
  • It could take up to 24 hours to set – Which means we will have to setup the night before the shoot.

Now I have enough slime to make 200ltrs. YEAH!!!!!

Either way I much say I am very excited about not only playing with this stuff but getting some very cool shots using some different lighting ideas that I have sitting in the back of my head.

100% Slime Jelly wrestling

100% Slime baby