Join Me In New Zealand’s South Island.

Photograph New Zealand's South Island With ME!

Have you ever wanted to photograph New Zealand's South Island but don't know where to start?

Anyone that has even been to New Zealand returns with stories of how the natural beauty of the country is awe-inspiring and how the culture and the people are so genuine that is makes people want to move there.

I am once again hitting the road and heading back to New Zealand, the place of the long white cloud, where there is more sheep than people, where you can experience the Australian culture just with a different accent.  You know what I mean right???  If you don't ask one of them to say "Fish and Chips". 🙂 

Ok Ok Ok...  I will come clean...  You're not physically coming along with me 🙁 and while I would love for all of you to come along with me, alas, I only have a small motorhome but you have the next best thing...  Through the power of the interwebs, you can be by my side, and get updates directly to your email by signing up today!

A Few Things You Will Experience with Me:

  • Exactly what it's like to do a photographic road trip
  • One of the most spectacular places on this planet
  • Ups and downs of trying to get "that shot"
  • What its like to work with the elements
  • How to process images on the road
  • The equipment I take and how I use it
  • A whole lot more!!

And with only a few days to go, the count down is on and I AM EXCITED!!!!!

Top 4 reasons to photograph New Zealand!!!!

Simply sign up today and over the next four days you will receive a personalised email from me telling you in detail the top 4 reasons why you should photograph New Zealand.  Here is a sneak peek of what to expect:

  1. The Weather that changes from sun to monsoonal rains
  2. Mountains that will tear your eyelids off your eyeballs
  3. Amazing Fluorescent Green Country
  4. Mind-Blowing Diversity

Get Exclusive Access and Updates for Free!

Make no bones about it!!!!  This is an exclusive offer, and ONLY open to people that sign up (YES it is truly FREE!!)

Why have I asked people to sign up to get these exclusive updates? Many people read my blogs, talk to me on Facebook and other social media that really, to be honest, are interested in landscape photography especially in other countries. I personally don't want to waste my time nor do I want to waste their time if they aren't interested.

Asking people to register ensures people are interested in:

Learning photography tips and tricks in real-life examples

Understanding what it's like to travel as a photographer

Getting an insight into planning their own photography trip

Interested in photography

Knowing the best places to photograph the South Island of New Zealand

Coming on a journey through the ups and downs of travel photography

Some of the challenges I'm going to face are:-


Well let's start with the obvious, and that is the amount of rain New Zealand gets; especially in the South Island. This in itself is going to be a challenge as it's going to test my equipment, resolve, and my ability to make something out of the situation I have at hand.


Let's face it tourists can be a pain especially if you want to get a photo without people in it, given the popularity of the places on our wish list I'm expecting lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of tourists.

Getting to the right location:-

Considering I will be travelling in a bulky motorhome, it's not going to be easy to sneak up the back alleys, go down those dirt roads or even appear at the top of a winding mountain.

Finding the right location:-

This one goes hand-in-hand with getting to the right location.  However some of the locations that i'll photograph are not yet known so I will be using maps,  guides, and asking locals of great locations to photograph.

Speaking the language:-

If you're been to New Zealand, then you will know they speak English.  But it's a weird type of English!!!! Especially the names they call places, cites and landmarks.... Like Mt Ngauruhoe... How the hell do you pronounce that???

Ok Ok Ok enough of the gibber gabber, what are you/we going to see exactly!!

I am glad you asked. 🙂

Currently, the rough plan goes like this:

  • Christchurch, then head south towards Timaru
  • Through a place called Elephant Hill and on to Duntroon
  • Have to pop into Shag point.  wink wink
  • Dunedin and surrounding area
  • Further south to the waterfalls and national parks at the most southern end of the island
  • A quick stopover at Bluff
  • The West Coast towards Fiordland National Park, Te Anau
  • Of course, Milford Sound
  • Some adrenaline kicks at Queenstown
  • With a trip up through Cromwell and to Mount Cook
  • Before heading up towards Arthur's pass, grey mouth and Reefton
  • Bringing us to the top part of the trip
  • Head southeast back to Christchurch before flying out.

Now while it seems like a fairly good plan, anyone that knows me will understand that I live by the seat of my pants so where we go will be a mystery right up until the night before or even the very start of the day.

The only way to find out is to sign up today. 😉

What This Is

  • A free no-BS look into the day-to-day behind-the-scenes of travel photography
  • An honest and open look into the ups and downs of travel photography
  • Raw and sporadic updates when time permits
  • Inspiration for you to go out and do your own photographic holiday

What This Is Not

  • This is designed to give you information without spending half the day making sure everything is gold polished, so if you are expecting A+ English and Hollywood production videos let's just say you might be disappointed. 😉
  • A gimmick with some underlying small print fee you have to pay.

What You Get for Free!

  1. When you sign up today, you will receive 4 personalised emails outlining my top 4 reasons to photograph New Zealand.
  2. You will then receive emails and updates from me as I travel around New Zealand
  3. As part of that, you will also get tips and tricks along the way as I battle the elements and the tourists to get the shot

If you do sign up and its't not what you expected, then you can leave at any time, no questions asked and no hard feelings!  But I'm sure the beauty of New Zealand's South Island will make it hard for you to tear yourself away!

Sign up today!

PS: Look forward to travling with you!

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