Learn how to dance in Auckland New Zealand – Aussie Style

Now for anyone that knows me in the dancing circles I don’t know how to dance.  Not that I don’t want to learn how to dance it is just that I don’t know how to dance.

I would really like to learn how to dance and while in New Zealand I came across a dance studio out of Auckland that would help me… Viva Dance Studios….  How did I come across and studio that would help me show me how to dance in Auckland… Easy….  The director of the New Zealand Salas Congress Saione Greer is also the director of Viva Dance Studios.

He is one of the nicest blokes you could meet… He is out to help everyone and even though he is a busy man has time for everyone…  Which to me in my business is a nice change?

The students from Viva Dance Studios are also a pleasure…  and watching them perform was also a sight to be seen.

Most Aussies dance like me I am sure…. Beer in one hand and no interest in the other…. but I must say when you see these guys crack off a move you just wish you could be part of that….. and the reality is that if you live in Auckland you can…. Learning how to dance in Auckland is just as easy as calling up any one of the dance studios but I must say given my experience you should give Viva Dance Studio the first go.  Not because their students put on a show at the New Zealand Salsa Congress and not because they are located in New Zealand’s biggest city but because they are just nice people..  My time spent in New Zealand was sooo much better thanks Saione Greer hospitality and for that I thank him.

In fact, her is a photo of him in action..  🙂

Check out their studio at http://www.vivalatino.co.nz/

Learn How to dance in Auckland and learn from the pros, Saione Greer
Learn How to dance in Auckland and learn from the pros. Saione Greer

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