My first post for 2015 – The Cancer Support Group

The last month I have been on holidays, and when I say holidays, I really mean relaxing and taking it easy.

However, as January is just about over its time to start getting on with business, but before I do, I will be attending The Cancer Support Group convoy, which will be held tomorrow. It will be a unique experience for me as I’ll be actually attending as an attendee, and not the event photographer. ha ha ha

I will be a fantastic day out riding with some old, and new mates. It is also a fantastic way for the The Cancer Support Group ( to gain some valuable funds, for what is a terrible disease that takes thousands of people every year.

I was talking to a friend the other day about this convoy, and he was trying to decide if it was worth attending. Now my words to him were.

Is it worth giving away 50$ to ride 38km with other riders…. No… It is worth giving away 50$ to help families with cancer. Hell yeah

Which kinda raises an interesting point. Not everything in life has a tangible and quantifiable value.

  • Can you put a dollar figure on the smile you see in your child’s eyes on Christmas morning?
  • What about the last moments of life!
  • As you watch your love ones slowly deteriorate as cancer ravages their body, is the medicine that brings comfort to them in their final days worth the money?
  • What about the value of memories?
  • Memories that are captured at a point in time and are there for a lifetime?

Photographs to me, are those memories. Photographs that capture the memories and document the history of life are one of the most important things as we grow old and our actual memory fades. We can, at any time, look back at these photographs. Photographs that bring out emotion, feeling, smells, tastes, while kick starting our minds back into an active state where they remember the moment when the photo was taken. We remember the things we were doing at that time, how we felt, and the people and activities that surround that moment in time.

Participating in this event tomorrow, is not about riding and hanging with my mates, it’s not about watching awesome old-fashioned Australian rock bands at the end and it’s not about getting a super cool T-shirt, Stubby Holder and a mad flag for my bike.

It’s about making a difference!

Cancer Council convoy

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