Boy what a week.  Two major events completed in two different states, it took three of my photographers including myself and our assistant but WOW what a awesome week…… It was sooooo worth starting at 8 am and finishing way after midnight for almost the entire week.

Met a lot of really interesting people over the last week with one of them being Dave (Hughesy) Hughes as he was the MC at the iAwards and what a great entertainer he is. The crowd just loved him to bits and he kept the action going to schedule.

Mate!!!!!!! Just hanging with David (Hughesy) Hughes at the iAwards
Mate!!!!!!! Just hanging with Dave (Hughesy) Hughes at the iAwards

I just love event photography as I always get to meet a whole heap of new people but at the iAwards I had the opportunity to also get to meet a heap of CIO’s and managing directors for companies like Microsoft, Intel, Optus, Telstra and Deloitte, along with a heap of small business owners.

With around 6000+ photos to work through from the event which should keep me out of trouble for a little bit – be it a day or so.

If you are looking for an event photographer for a major event drop us a line as we have the team that will ensure you get the shots even under the most difficult situations. It doesn’t matter to us where your event is as we do travel or how large or small it is as my team will size up or down as you need. 🙂


    1. Awesome night. Wish you guys were there to share it with.

      Wait until you see a pano shot of the room…… OMG!!!

      I also caught up with another celebrity at the event which you may or may not know was there.. 😉

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