The last week or so I have been struck down the the dreaded man flu; one of the worst strains of flu around.  Much more potent than the general sniffles and sneezing…with full on delusions and rash decisions that come with man flu are the only way I can explain why I am putting on a full day photography workshop this Sunday the 21st Aug with the beginner in mind that will either be FREE or very very very cheap…….

I must be sick to be giving away a half day beginners guide to portrait photography workshop

I must be sick to be giving away a half day beginners guide to portrait photography workshop

ok ok ok before I go on let me tell you exactly what I am doing.

This Sunday the 21st of Aug I will be running two half day workshops.

Beginners Guide to Portrait Photography – 9am to 12:30pm

The first half I am putting on for FREE, nothing, nada, zip, zilch ZERO!!!!!!  This first half is for people that want to start photographing people but don’t really know where to start or what to do.  After all, how do you go about asking what things you can do to make the photo look better, when you’re not quite sure what to ask?

How do you extract the best out of a person and what is there to extract?

How do I know what best suits the person I am about to photograph and how do I make them feel comfortable and relaxed so I can get the best photograph?

What types of poses make different people look great and is there a difference between the sexes when it comes to posing?

Where should I stand or where should they stand?

If you have asked yourself these types of things then this morning workshop is for you.

Cost: Man Flu has taken hold and affected my better judgement so this work is FREE

Beginners Guide to Photographic Lighting – 1pm to 5pm

The second half of the day will talk you through What Lighting Is, how it effects us as photographers and how you can take control of it.

If you have ever asked yourself questions like:

How can I use flash when I don’t want to make everything bright?

I hear a lot of photographers hate flash!! Why?? Why are you teaching it if it is so bad?

When is the best time to use flash?

What types of flash are there and when is one better than the other?

Are there any things I need to know about flash photography that I can use every time?

Is photographic lighting just using flash?

Cost:  $49 Per Person – Yeah I know I must be really sick if I am only charging $49 per person for what would usually be much more, clearly my high fever is affecting my common sense.

While there’s clearly something wrong with me to be doing this, there’s nothing wrong with what i’m offering:  a FREE workshop and another stupidly cheap.  Come to one of come to both its up to you!

$49 is fantastic value for a full day of beginners workshop and one I don’t think I will ever repeat.   If you were ever going to go to a beginners photography workshop then now is the time or you may miss out forever once I come to my senses!

Numbers will be strictly limited so you must get in super dooper quick if you want to take advantage of this outrageous offer!

The ONLY way to book is to send an email to letting me know which workshop or both you want to attend and I will send you a confirmation email with further details.

Don’t wait a second longer or you will miss out.