RIP Max “Tangles” Walker

Today Australia is morning the lose of an Australian legend – Mr Max “Tangles” Walker.  He was one of our best cricket bowlers in the 1970’s and although I am not really into much sports as an adult, I have fond memories watching cricket as a kid as it not only kept us off the streets but allowed for mate ship and bonds to grow that were and are life long.

Well today he bowled his last ball and is now an umpire in the great cricket pitch in the sky.

He was one of the boys and a real Aussie block even after spending nearly all his life in the spot light in cricket and then TV broadcasting.   He had an infectious smile and a personality made everyone turn their heads when he entered the room.

Cheers to you big fella, may your eternal life be filled with hat tricks and you be surrounded by golden ducks. 🙂

Max "Tangles" Walker and I
Max “Tangles” Walker and I


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