Leader Of The Pack!

Last weekend I attended the Bulldog fun day at held at the Tuggeranong Dog Club where they had 60+ dogs and owner show up to enjoy the fantastic weather and hang with other like minded people, not to metnion participate in some fun competion and win a few things on the raffles.

Was great to see soo many bulldog in one place and TBH never really spent much time with this breed before so it was intergesting to see how they interacted with each other and their owners.

Look at this little pup. Looking proud as punch and ready to take on the world even at 1 foot tall. lol

If Only I Was a Real Sized Dog..

Where was also best dressed which this little chap won hands down in his custom x-mas sled. Ho Ho Ho

All in all a great day out but didn’t my legs know about it the next day as I must have done about 8,374,227 squats so I could get down low to photograph the dog, but hey… Whoever said photography wasn’t good for your health. 😉

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