Alice Springs Backyard Birds

Photographing wildlife is a thrilling and rewarding experience, especially when it comes to capturing images of rare and elusive species. Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph a Brown Goshawk in my backyard in Alice Springs, and it was an incredible experience.

Brown Goshawks are medium-sized birds of prey that are found throughout Australia. They are known for their striking brown and white plumage, powerful beaks, and sharp talons. Photographing these birds can be challenging as they are quick and agile, but with some basic photography techniques, it is possible to capture stunning images.


The first step in photographing the Brown Goshawk is normally finding a good location. I, however, was lucky enough that this magnificent bird came to me in my very own backyard here in Alice Springs. Like how good is that!!!!


Generally, I would have to set up my camera in a position where I had a clear view of the bird and enough distance to avoid disturbing it. I would also have made sure that the background was clean and simple, which would help to highlight the bird.


Once I had the location set up, I would experiment with different camera settings. I would use a telephoto lens to get a closer view of the bird, which would allow me to capture its intricate details. I would as I did in the photo above would set my aperture to a low value, which created a shallow depth of field and helped to blur out the background, drawing attention to the bird.


When it came to composition, I tried to create a balance between the bird and its surroundings. I used the rule of thirds, placing the bird on the left-hand side of the frame and placing the tree on the right. This composition helped to create a sense of depth as it had incorporated a foreground (the tree), middle ground (the bird), and background (the trees behind the bird)


Finally, I made sure to focus on the bird’s eyes, which helped to create a sense of connection between the bird and the viewer. By focusing on the eyes, I was able to capture the bird’s expression and bring the image to life.


In conclusion, photographing a Brown Goshawk in my backyard in Alice Springs was an incredible experience. By using basic photography techniques such as composition and camera settings, I was able to capture stunning images of this elusive bird. By paying attention to composition, I was able to highlight the bird in the image, creating a sense of balance and dimension that draws the viewer’s eye towards the subject.