The Night before the Dawn!

101 years ago on this ANZAC day eve there was thousands of Australian and New Zealand men ordered to board ships and take hold of what was Gallipoli but in reality it was one of the ANZAC’s major defeats.

I look at this photo some time ago and it shows the peacefulness of the sunset also the hectic and fire of nature

The ANZAC’s must have been going through a similar thing. The orders were to take Turkish land must of been a standard order until they hit ground where they were fired upon by multiple machine-gun posts that they were unaware of.  The battle turned into what was a prolonged and devastating offensive on both sides it became our pinnacle of hope through ANZAC Day.

Without the sacrifices of these men in this battle and  every battle before and every battle after we would not have our way of life. The ANZAC spirit is built into the Australian culture, they are us and they always will be, for we are a nation that is not afraid to fight, we are not afraid to die for what we believe is right and that is true today as it ever was.

Tomorrow attend ANZAC Day memorials, respect and love our country and respect and love your family but remember and pay back to the ones that gave up everything and the ones that continue to do so even today.

Spend some money on 2-up and have fun,  if you see anyone with metals be it theirs or the relatives show them the respect which they deserve, have a conversation, ask them about their history as am sure you will find some amazing stories.

RIP our ANZAC’s and Let’s We Forget!

A sunset to remind us of the sacrifices of the Anzac's
A sunset to remind us of the sacrifices of the Anzac’s

Why Should We Remember the ANZAC?

We live in a fantastic country one that I’m very proud of and one I’m sure would be very different place if it wasn’t for the sacrifices of the men and women throughout our history the gave up their lives to protect ours!

Today we stand together side-by-side as Australians with our Kiwi mates, with the knowledge that they like us have the courage to fight for what we think is right. To do the service of the country this and make the ultimate sacrifice.

So today be kind to each other, look after and help out your mates just as they would look after you.

Lest we forget

The ANZAC spirit - helping out your mates
The ANZAC spirit – helping out your mates