BTL – Chateau Tongariro

Sitting at the Chateau Tongariro surrounded by active volcanoes is some what awe impsiring as a photographer. There as so many things to shoot and so many location to go but alas I am only here for two days. πŸ™

The Chateau Tongariro sits at the base of Mt Ruapehu, one of New Zealand largest mountains on the North Island and is located almost in the center.

Right next door from Mount Raupehu is Mount Ngauruhoe – or better know as Mt Doom from “The Lord of The Ring”. These mountains are spectacular not only in size but their look. The are easy to get to and can be seen from the lawns of the Chateau Tongariro.

I managed to get a heap of shots of all the mountains and the Chateau Tongariro and I thought I would share one of my BTL shots.

BTL - Chateau Tongariro
BTL – Chateau Tongariro

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