STOMP 2014 – The photos are up and ready for purchase

WOW what a night last night was at STOMP (  There was a kick arse crowd and fantastic performances.

The Latin dance community here is Australia is so supportive of events such as this and is clearly shown as there were a lot of people come down from Sydney just to attend or perform at this event. They have such big hearts it is just amazing….  Now I think about it the Latin community in New Zealand is just as amazing and supportive of charities and each other….  it is very refreshing I must say.

The night started off with bang as I accidentally dropped one of my lens from about 7 feet as I was climbing across chairs across the the floor.  Thank god the glass was still OK but as I was later to find out a soon enough the zoom and the focus had issues with a lot of images that the camera said were in focus but were not, which is a real bummer considering all the profits from the sale of images I am donating back to the STOMP charities, and with less images means less profit and money for the selected charities. 🙁

What can I say about the performers other than they were fantastic….. not only for their performances but the support they show for such an event.  It takes a lot of time and effort to put together a performance and they all did us proud.   So well done to all of you.

If there was one thing that beat the performances it was mechanical bull…  Yes ladies and gets they had a mechanical bull…   How freaking cool is that!!!!!!! I could of spent the entire time photographing people riding and ultimately  falling of this said bull. 🙂  It was a heap of fun.  I am not sure what the cost of the bull was but if you want more information pop over to their website at

Also I must say a big thanks has to go out to LDA (Latin Dance Australian – with Nestor and his gang.  They not only support the event very year but a fantastic people behind the scenes.

I think I could babble on for ages about all the people that help put on such an event but instead of doing that I will show you the photos instead. 🙂

All profits from the sale of the images will go back to the charities that STOMP support so please dig deep.

Here is just one of the many images that I took last night.  The rest of the images can be seen in my on-line store off the menu.

The performers at STOMP 2014
The performers at STOMP 2014


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