Our Paths Take Different Directions

What a weekend end that was, and to some extent it still continues for a few more day for me until I get back home late this week.

A couple of dance events done, a couple of one-on-coaching sessions done and a couple of hotels done and a whole list of fast food done.

The FATD comp yesterday was an interesting one. One of which I didn’t expect. The CEO of FATD and friend of mine Neale Byrnes has resigned, and with the parting of Neal he also takes with him his family and my friend Winsome Abrams. she helped him in all the events and will be missed if our paths no longer cross.

Now a good friend of mine Rachel Lemon mentioned to me on a post today that dancing events isn’t all about photography but they are about dance, now while this may be true (the jury is still out) what they are about is getting out and spending time with friends and it doesn’t matter the style.

From the LDA ball on Saturday night to FATD comps and the dance events in New Zealand they all have a common bond and share something that is quite special – friendship!

Thank you everyone that I have meet through dance and thank you all the people I will meet through my job as en event photographer. It is truly an honour and a privilege to be and share a part of your lives even if it is 1/200 of a second at F2.8 and ISO 3200.

Take care everyone an I truly hope to see you all again at the next event or outside of dance. 🙂


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