The Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Today’s the day where I not only get to go along and photograph, what will be a fantastic wedding, in the beautiful surrounds of Mount Stromlo, but it will also be the union between man and wife. The union that should not be taken lightly and is a lifelong commitment.

This union today has a special meaning, it is the union between one my longest friends and his beautiful partner. They both bring many things the party.  Kids, history, baggage, and dreams. Most importantly of all, they bring together the love and companionship, that such deep relationship has and can only be experienced us letting down our shields and guards that we use to protect ourselves.

To give up to someone completely and wholly is a special and rewarding feeling and something that cannot be underestimated. It brings a freedom and comfort that can not be found in any other way. The idea that someone has your back and will be with you from now until the day you die is such a touching feeling and one I hope to capture today.

I wish them all the best, as they deserve nothing less and they know…. that if they do falter I will be here to help them through this journey and I am their friend from now until the end of time.

Well it’s time for me to pack my bags, clean my cards, and ensure my lenses are without blemishes, as today is their special day and it is my job to make sure their memories, love and dreams are captured for an eternity.

Wedding bells are ringing
Wedding bells are ringing


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