Location Location Location!!!

As and event and portrait photographer I am always on the look out for new location where I can not only take my clients but also places where I can find inspiration for my own personal shoots.

Over the Easter break I got a chance to pop up to Goulburn to see a friend, so what better opportunity than to have a look around for some nice locations and boy they have a lot of places to offer…  🙂

From shitty lanes ways, to cathedrals, and hill memorials, there was a lot of places on offer…

So if you are looking for something different and want to travel, drop me a message and I am sure there are places there that will suit your taste and style, so you get the perfect images.

Goulburn War Memorial & Museum
Goulburn War Memorial & Museum

You can see more about this memorial here http://www.igoulburn.com/Attractions/GoulburnWarMemorialMuseum.aspx

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