Photographer Turned Power Freak!

Power, give me power!!

With the arrival more speedlites the consumption of power that these things require to stay on for extended periods throughout events while is never-ending!!!!

This chase for power will hopefully be rectified with the addition of these CP-E4 external battery packs for my ever-growing range of Canon 600 EX-RT speedlites.

While these suckers are not cheap to buy they are also not cheap to fill with batteries as a take eight AA batteries, they do in conjunction with the four AA batteries already sit inside the speedlites themselves reduces the recycle time to up to a third, while extending the life by at least double, and I must say I can’t wait to put them to the test at my next event!!!!!


CP-E4 external battery packs can speedlites
CP-E4 external battery packs can speedlites


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