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Photography is a unique type of visual art, it allows you to capture things in front of you and change them in such a way that you can create art and in some cases deceive the viewer of what they are actually seeing.

One of these deceptive techniques is the use of a tilt and shift lens, where it sets the focus on a plane across the image instead of a circular focal point like a normal lens. The cool thing about this is it messes with the way we think and the way we perceive images. Generally when we see this in real life and with their own eyes it’s because we’re looking at miniature objects and the focus is blurred at the front and behind the image any unique way.

So in my recent trip to Sydney I decided capture couple images from up in my hotel room to have a play this technique as it is something that I have never really played with before.

Have a look at this image and tell me what you think?

Sydney circular quay in miniature
Sydney circular quay in miniature


  1. Yes kind of what the tilt and shift does, is a changes to focal point instead of being across image it’s almost like down upon it.

    I should write up a blog explains exactly what are tilt shift is and how it works

  2. Winsome – One of tilt-shifts ‘proper’ (non-arty) uses is in architectural imaging. As DOF is parallel to the sensor/film, when you stand on a street and tilt the camera ‘up’ to say capture the whole building the DOF will then intersect the building at an angle as the sensor is now ’tilted’. TS lets you ‘readjust’ that DOF so it is then parrallel to the building not parrallel to the sensor. It can also help with image distortion of lines.
    I’ve probably explained that badly but I’m sure Brendan can explain it better.

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