I Am Going To Start With Love!!

This person is like my own daughter. I  have watched her grow, took care of her, she would come over to my house at Christmas wearing socks on her hands and she was Kali’s big sister. I will protect her and look after as if she is my own!!

I love her to bits and to see that she is making a move to push her business and talents is fantastic.

Please give her a boost and show her some loving as she is a young single mum starting over and needs a hand…

I do a lot for lots of people.  I may have help you out at some point or even been a ear to listen and have never asked for anything…..  but now I am asking….

Help my daughter (not by blood but my love) out by liking her page and sending her some message of love. 🙂

She would really appreciate it and so would I.

Daughter from a second mother. :)
Daughter from a second mother. 🙂


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