The Simplicity Shadows

I do like playing with shadows especially when it creates and adds to a portrait. The drama and mystery around shadows and darkness that it can bring to an image add interest and intrigue allowing the portrait to stand out.

Take this portrait for example, if it was completely lit and you could see her outfit and a hair at the back of the head, would it have the same interest or do you feel that the added shadows bring something extra?

Utilising shadows in a portrait
Utilising shadows in a portrait

Spring Equinox and The Ice Queen

Yesterday marked the Spring Equinox and with the temperature hitting 29 degrees Celsius it was the warmest day we have had for many months and with that, what better way to celebrate the onset of the warmer weather than to create the Ice Queen!!!!

This was a photo I took a few months ago and have been sitting on it as I wanted to create something special! The last few weeks it has to seen me playing around with edit and ideas, it has been creating edits, deleting edits, creating edits, asking many friends for their input and deleting my edits once again..  hahahahahah

There was also something that would always both me about my edits but I think with this image I am almost completely happy with how it has turned out so instead of spending the rest of my life editing one image I figured I would release it!!!!!

For your viewing pleasure, may I introduce you to the Ice Queen!!!!


The Ice Queen
The Ice Queen

Has This Ever Happened To You?

Have you ever woken up on a Saturday morning and thought to yourself –

I really need to stop photographing so much so I can clean the house and tidy the yard so it doesn’t look like hillbilly central!!!

Nah me neither….. 🙂

Has This Ever Happened to You?
Has This Ever Happened to You?


If you want to see the before and after images side my side and a video how it was edited pop over to my sister site


Anyone Got Any Spare Speedlite?

With a free afternoon it is a good time to go out on location with a couple of speedlites and light modifiers to try out a few ideas that have been bouncing around in my head. yay for having some creative time. 🙂

These little lights are great for all sorts of things and give us as photographers great flexibility and creativity.   You can stick them in all sorts of location and put light modifiers on theme like umbrellas.

Do you struggle with using speedlites?  If so what do you find the hardest thing to understand?

Canon speedlites
Canon speedlites

The Lost Indian!

A portrait session I did some time ago where I got to capture a whole heap of new faces with some terrific looks and talent.

The original image of the image below was submitted to the client with limited amount of postprocessing as they required it to be as close to as shot as possible as it was being used for their assessment in their make-up course. Now me being me I tend to go back through my images and play around with different ideas and postprocessing and this is one of those images.

The Lost Indian
Photographing at the Canberra Makeup Academy for one of their assessment nights.

I Am Going To Start With Love!!

This person is like my own daughter. I  have watched her grow, took care of her, she would come over to my house at Christmas wearing socks on her hands and she was Kali’s big sister. I will protect her and look after as if she is my own!!

I love her to bits and to see that she is making a move to push her business and talents is fantastic.

Please give her a boost and show her some loving as she is a young single mum starting over and needs a hand…

I do a lot for lots of people.  I may have help you out at some point or even been a ear to listen and have never asked for anything…..  but now I am asking….

Help my daughter (not by blood but my love) out by liking her page and sending her some message of love. 🙂

She would really appreciate it and so would I.

Daughter from a second mother. :)
Daughter from a second mother. 🙂

Happy Balloons

Have you ever wondered what happy balloons look like?

Well I had the opportunity to to find out. A couple of us crazy kids grabed some balloons and popped out around the National Art Gallery snapped off a few shots and I must say it was a lot of fun.

I kept thinking of that movie Up and wondering how many balloons would it actually take for one of the models to be taken away……   and after some really deep thought I snapped out of it and got to work. 🙂

Contemplating where balloons can take you
Contemplating where balloons can take you

Imagination runs wild when you come across a bunch of creative people that want to be creative. Kinda makes you wonder whether limits are, and are there actually any limits?

Simple task of grabbing a couple of balloons and seeing what you make of them is an interesting challenge….. If you haven’t done it give it a go sure you will find a blast.

Up up and away
Up up and away

If you after some unique portraits ones that are completely different to normal studio and run-of-the-mill shots, please drop me a line as I’m sure we can come up with something creative just for you.

Contact details can be found of the side menu.

Special Moments in Time!

Being able to capture a fraction of a second of someone’s life might seem a little unimportant, however while this may be the case in some shots others hold a significant amount of personal connection with the people within the photo.

Has there been times in your life where you have been incredibly sad, excited, happy, mad or just in a special place, like when you meet someone for the first time or someone you look up to.

My job as an event and portrait photographer is to capture these moments, moments that pass at the blinking of an eye but a significant to the people that I photographed for and are in these shots.

I photographed equestrian events that involved a lot of children and in one case there was a child was bawling her eyes out as she was so frustrated with the pony at the time wasn’t doing what she wanted it to do. The mother of this child saw me snapping away and kind of shooed me off as she didn’t want to embarrass the young girl. My response to her was that the emotions and the tears something that her and her daughter would cherish for a lifetime. She heard these words, sat back and thought for a second or so and let me continue shooting. When I publish these photos in my online store you never guess who bought copies? 🙂

So for me sometimes it might be awkward or uncomfortable for some people to get the photo taken while they are in an emotional state, I know that once the tears dry and the excitement passes the only thing left be the special moments captured in time.


Special moments in time
Special moments in time

It’s -6° and We Are Having Fun!

Wee bit ago I had the opportunity to participate in a collaboration between myself, two models (Laurynn and Rhett) , a make-up artist – Jakki from “Makeup by Jacklyne”,  Jaemi as our talented stylist from DayDream Styles and my lovely work experience assistant Emily.

Now the time of booking this photo shoot we kind of didn’t take into consideration the Canberra at this time of year gets very cold and on the very morning we shot this it was -6°. brrrrrrr

Me I was okay as I had thermals, gloves, beanie, double socks and not to mention a scarf and jacket. The poor models on the other hand were not so lucky and I must say they did a fantastic job considering it was extremely cold.

On the scene when it is -6°
On the scene when it is -6°

The make up artist was not faring so well as I was not sure she was really prepared for what was one of the coldest mornings we have had for a long time.

When I arrived on just before day break I cracked out my thermos with freshly made coffee and offered it around. To my surprise no one at that point wanted any,  what I can say after they had stood in the cold for a few hours they were more than happy to have a cupa, even if it was just to hold the hot cup. hahahahaha

The same was true for the gloves I offered to the make up artist, at first she didn’t want them but after s bit she was okay with the offer..

I must say the photos turned out really nice and the stylist did a fantastic job.  Her fiancee also needs to get an award for helping her set up the scene in the dark and freezing conditions before we showed up. 🙂

Look at how cute these guys look!
Look at how cute these guys look!

All in all it was a great day and you wouldn’t know looking at these photos that it was actually freezing!! That is the power of photography my friends….  🙂

If you are interested in having a one-of-a-kind photo shoot for your wedding or engagement drop us a line and I’m sure we can make it something very special.

And then he was done!

As I look back over the last few days I must say I could never of planned or even considered how my fantastic my trip was going to be.
Was it super busy?  Yes.

Did I get some fantastic photos? Yes I think so.

Did I take full advantage of my time away? Yes.

  • Meet a heap of new people
  • Caught up with people I have not see in some time
  • Had a super cool early morning tour around the rocks with a good friend
  • went walking in the rain
  • had multiple nights out 
  • Had dinner with some truly wonderful people.
  • Got a chance to really get to know some friends
  • Learned a lot
  • Hopefully enlightened others while coming across more hipsters that I would like to count. 🙂

While I was away I had some bookings come in at short notice and while I wasn’t able to help out the clients and I found support from my fellow photographers, and to them I send them my thanks.

This adventure comes to a close a new on will open tomorrow and I must say I am excited to see what and where it will take me. 

As I head home i get ready for the next asventure.

Work Underway!

As I write this at 5:15am the rest of the team has been well underway for at least 45 minutes and awake for much longer than that.

I have a team outside already onset building up a theme with cupboards, lights and other nice things, while the other half of the team is in makeup getting ready to be part of this wonderful looking set that is under construction!!!

With the current temperature sitting at -4 and will drop some more it looks to be for a chilly start to the day, which for me will end out with the releasing of Ballina and the end of my shooting day at 6pm tonight. 🙂

This is the life of my industry and one that people don’t see or can not understand.

It takes commitment not only from me but a team of people behind me to make the shots and a team of people that I truely do appreciate.

Today will also be a fantastic induction for one little lady into the industry as she will be my shadow today doing work experience as part of her CIT photography course, and to her I only say one thing…..  Welcome!!!!!

Gorgeous Eyes – Sneak Peek!!!!! With the Best Prop Award Going to Me!!!

Had the opportunity yesterday to photograph a new Canberra model to which I am grateful for not only her giving up her time but also once again Felicity the make-up artist who is always there to help me out and without her help and expertise.

There is a saying that eyes are the windows to the soul and is a portrait photographer is something I believe. I look into the eyes of the people I photograph on each them has a story, a story to which some are happy to tell and some are not.

When I saw photograph of Abby one of the things that struck me with her gorgeous eyes and how they drew the viewer in. She also has what I would think a unique facial structure that compliments her eyes and the shape of her eyes and it was for this reason that I was super keen to capture this and I must say the photos we have do actually do her eyes and a shape justice.

How can such gorgeous eyes be so sinister
How can such gorgeous eyes be so sinister

We spent the first half of the session in studio getting head shots and capturing the essence of who Abby is in the vision which I saw in her eyes.

Gorgeous eyes
Gorgeous eyes

Second half of the photo shoot we were using gorilla shooting techniques, where we will pull up on location with portable studio lighting and speedlites to capture a few shots and then will back in the car again.

One of the locations we stopped at was next to a farm and the reason why we selected this location was because of the long road that led up into the hills however after cracking off a few shots, we noticed in the background a biplane was preparing to take off.

It travelled down the makeshift runway on the farmer’s property to pull in just behind where Abby was standing and I must say I couldn’t have been more excited. To have such a prop appear out of nowhere and considering how she was dressed it was just photo gods were shining on us.

The only reason why we could get the shot was because of the gorilla techniques we were using and I had Anthony Caffery as my assistant holding the light so we could move and adjust rapidly to capture anything that was going to happen…. I just wasn’t really expecting a biplane!!! 🙂

Going to no expense in getting a biplane as a prop
Going to no expense in getting a biplane as a prop

We finished the rest of the photo shoot off in and around the Tuggeranong hyperdome where I think we captured some really interesting photos, some you will just have to wait a while to see.

#RedMyLips #9

I am a father and I’m not ashamed or scared to express my love for my daughter!

I spent seven years volunteering with Barnardos here in Canberra and I spent many years understanding and studying psychology behind why people do things.

One thing I know out of all this, is that sexual violence and intimidation is not only a cultural thing but it is something that is in most cases factor of the environment in which we grew up in, the environment in which we felt comfortable in the environment in which the foundations were set.

To transform our culture I believe we need to start at the grassroots and that for me is the family unit. It is within this family unit and the people associated with it that set the foundations for the children that will eventually have complete control over their own destiny.

Make a positive change today and help transform our culture by educating our children that sexual violence, intimidation and domestic violence is not okay!

It is not the victims fault as they didn’t choose to be a victim, so let’s change the culture away from victim blaming and put a spotlight where it belongs, back onto the perpetrators.



#RedMyLips #9
#RedMyLips #9

#RedMyLips #8

Males or females it doesn’t matter. This is a problem for us, all of us!

It is up to us to change the culture around sexual violence and to make sure that people know it is not okay!

Too much emphasis on communication around some of these events is put onto the victim and I feel that this is totally inappropriate. Victims are victims, by the very nature of being a victim you are not responsible or should be blamed for the actions of others are caused you to be a victim.

Some of these perpetrators walked this planet with a delusional understanding that they are better than everyone because they can go along and intimidate and control others through physical and emotional abuse.

These people have issues, serious issues that need to be addressed and recognised before they create a victim.


#RedMyLips #8
#RedMyLips #8

#RedMyLips #7

Red is the colour of passion, passion that I believe is within all of us. The walls and halls of the home should not be splattered in red.

The men and women subjected to sexual violence and domestic violence should not see the colour red and less the intent is love.

Far too many homes around Australia subject to the never-ending cycle of sexual and domestic abuse. This cycle continues through generations and one that I am all too familiar with.

When a child sees a parent either subjecting someone to sexual or domestic violence that sends a very strong message to that child that that behaviour is accepted. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female, the message is the same.

Studies have shown that children in this environment will either be a perpetrator or a victim of this never-ending cycle. It is up to us to go along and break this cycle!!

As a community and a culture we need to send a very clear message that this behaviour is not okay while also understanding the history and the reasons behind this type of behaviour.

It is not something that has been generated overnight but something that has been learned over a lifetime.

No matter the history this behaviour is not okay and if you are a victim or a perpetrator there is help out there.

If you know someone in this situation as I’m sure many of you do, be there for them. Help them through this, and make sure they know there is help out there.


#RedMyLips #7
#RedMyLips #7

#RedMyLips #6

As a portrait photographer and someone that photographs a lot of models I see a different side of people one that many don’t see in one of those sides is the external facing side. One we all have and is very obvious to everyone.

What I mean by this is how we look to other people and how others perceive us by the way we look. This to some can mean many things and can stir up many emotions both good and bad. Personal parents and how someone represents themselves is ultimately their choice, they have the right to go along and wear whatever they feel is right for them. They have the right and the choice to go along and change their external facing side to match their internal facing side.

Women don’t wear lipstick for other people, they were lipstick for them it makes them feel good, and if it makes them feel good then they should do it.

How they dress and how they represent their external side does not mean they open to sexual violence, and it certainly doesn’t mean that anyone should think, do, or otherwise anything to them without them explicitly agreeing.


#RedMyLips #6
#RedMyLips #6

#RedMyLips #5

Violence is never the answer! Although us men are not the sole perpetrators of sexual violence and abuse we do have a moral responsibility to not only ensure the safety of those around us but also to educate and remove any thought that this type of behaviour is okay in our society.

I know there are men out there that actually think that sexual violence, intimidation and mental abuse is okay. My message to them is that it is not okay and there is no place in this or any other culture for those thoughts or behaviours.

Men that act and behave in this way are missing something the lives, they missing thought process that allows them to feel like men without the need to intimidate or show their authority over someone else. They need help. Serious help!!

The feeling of power that this gives them is only short lived and continuous and without positive change within those men and from the people around them it will continue.

While this campaign involves a lot of women I believe that it is the men that need to take charge of this. It is the men that need to stand up and say no it is not okay and is the real men that need to show leadership and courage to stand up and educate the males which think they are men!

#RedMyLips #5
#RedMyLips #5


#RedMyLips #4

Victims are not fools! They are victims! They victims because someone else decided to make them a victim they themselves did not choose that, so why is it that we blame them and shame them because of it?

Victims of sexual violence have a right to be protected and have a right to be heard! They should not be looked down as criminals or people that are responsible for the actions of others.

That stop shifting the blame and put it back where it belongs and that my friends is not on the victims!

#RedMyLips #4
#RedMyLips #4

#RedMyLips #3

Speaking out against sexual violence and victim blaming is something we can all do!

It’s not only up to the people that are directly affected by sexual violence to speak out, it’s up to all of us as community to take a stance and speak out.

Sexual violence in our community touches more lives and affects more people than you can imagine, and to shift the blame onto the victim creates a culture of secrecy. Victims don’t want stand up and be heard for the fear they will be ridiculed and be told it’s their fault.

I’m not sure about you but I can’t see how victim is at fault, but hey!!

Let’s make a change.

#RedMyLips #3
#RedMyLips #3

Mother Nature I Hate You So!

Boy two days ago and even yesterday the forecast was rain all weekend and heavy rain at that..  Now when I look out I don’t see rain and the forecast is somewhat on the sunny side….  Too sunny for my liking!!!

For those of you that are now wondering what I am complaining about, let me get you up to speed. 🙂

I planned a portrait session this afternoon with a team of make up artists, models and assistants in the rain, and it is the rain that is a major part of this photo shoot.

With little rain coming it makes a rain photo shoot some what…… not a rain photoshoot. Ha ha ha ha

We will see how it looks as we approach on set times and come up with a plan… A back up plan of sorts.

This is why I just love being a on location portrait photographer.  You have to think on your feet, adapt and overcome things that you have zero control over.  It’s a wonderful thing!!!!! This ability to adapt and change makes it soooo much easier for me to get the shots in high pressure situations like wedding and events, so maybe I do like Mother Nature after all!!!!

Anyways let’s see how we go.