The Simplicity Shadows

I do like playing with shadows especially when it creates and adds to a portrait. The drama and mystery around shadows and darkness that it can bring to an image add interest and intrigue allowing the portrait to stand out.

Take this portrait for example, if it was completely lit and you could see her outfit and a hair at the back of the head, would it have the same interest or do you feel that the added shadows bring something extra?

Utilising shadows in a portrait
Utilising shadows in a portrait

Spring Equinox and The Ice Queen

Yesterday marked the Spring Equinox and with the temperature hitting 29 degrees Celsius it was the warmest day we have had for many months and with that, what better way to celebrate the onset of the warmer weather than to create the Ice Queen!!!!

This was a photo I took a few months ago and have been sitting on it as I wanted to create something special! The last few weeks it has to seen me playing around with edit and ideas, it has been creating edits, deleting edits, creating edits, asking many friends for their input and deleting my edits once again..  hahahahahah

There was also something that would always both me about my edits but I think with this image I am almost completely happy with how it has turned out so instead of spending the rest of my life editing one image I figured I would release it!!!!!

For your viewing pleasure, may I introduce you to the Ice Queen!!!!


The Ice Queen
The Ice Queen

An Afternoon by the Pool!

Over the weekend I had an opportunity to capture some interesting photos from the top of the building with the rooftop pool. I must say it was an interesting shoot as the wind was blowing and the sun was out and to be honest, it’s not really the best environment to be shooting but I think the outcome is spectacular.

Luckily for me, the make-up artist was happy to hang around and hold my Elinchrom soft boxes and lights from blowing off the top of the building, I even had to take off the two diffusing panels as I thought they were going to blow off the building never to be seen again.

Here is one of the images that we captured and I’m sure that those trees behind had leaves that morning. hahahahahaha

Glamour on the Rooftop
Glamour on the Rooftop

In my next post will show the behind-the-scenes image and walk you through the set up an understanding of why a position to light where I did and the power on which it was on, along with my camera settings and other information required to set up the shot. 🙂

Ferrari’s are HOT!!!!

What a freaking awesome shoot today…  Man, it was amazing…  I had two super hot models, with outfits that were amazing, makeup that was on point like you wouldn’t believe and a freaking super hot Ferrari…..

The best thing is that I also had the photographic gods on my side as they gave me lots of cloud cover to get some really stunning images. <3

Here is just one of the heap of portrait and car images we captured.  I know you are going to love it as much as I do.


Ferrari Couple
Ferrari Couple

If you are looking at getting married or just after a one of a kind photo shoot like this, drop me a line from my contact page. 🙂

Cancer Doesn’t Kill Anybody!

The amazing and fantastic thing about cancer is that no one actually cares until it kills a loved one, and then they seem to care.

I would almost think it’s hard to believe in this day and age and certainly, as you get older that you have not met or been touched by someone that  has been lost to this deadly and unforgiving disease. Cancer doesn’t care whether you are black, white, Christian, Muslim, American, male, or female. Cancer will take your life, it will take the life of your loved ones and it will take the life of the people you know. It is unforgiving it is the black plague of our society and kills thousands of people every year.

There are different variations of cancer as we all know and each of these has different degrees of severity and in left untreated, they will all take your life.

Tomorrow is pink ribbon Day, this is a day that brings awareness to breast cancer to encourage people to get checked and also self-check. It is also a day of fundraising which I must say and it should go without saying it is more important now than ever.

Yesterday in Canberra the motorcycle community banded together as they do around the world to support this cause. They gathered at old Parliament house and road to Bungendore while raising much-needed funds along the way. While I didn’t attend this event I have friends which did and I also have friends which are suffering from cancer which also rode in this event and it was great to hear the fun that these people had in banding together to support such a cause.

So if you can do one thing tomorrow bring awareness to breast cancer and in particular pink ribbon Day. Go to work dressed in pink, by a ribbon or just open up a conversation that hopefully will encourage people to get checked.

Help us to reach a goal and fight cancer and help us to kick cancers arse because without your help it will take the life of someone you love.


Pink Ribbon Day
Pink Ribbon Day

Has This Ever Happened To You?

Have you ever woken up on a Saturday morning and thought to yourself –

I really need to stop photographing so much so I can clean the house and tidy the yard so it doesn’t look like hillbilly central!!!

Nah me neither….. 🙂

Has This Ever Happened to You?
Has This Ever Happened to You?


If you want to see the before and after images side my side and a video how it was edited pop over to my sister site


Photobomb Award For 2015 Goes to…..

A mate of mine put some extra bling on his bike and spend forever washing it I had to photograph it, so I asked him to bring his bike to my place as we could get a couple of quick snaps out the front of my place.

When he showed up there was a party going on just a few houses down the street and a heap of young blokes were out the front having a bit of fun.  Seeing us on the road triggered the peanut gallery.

As an event photographer and one that takes my studio out on location and generally in very populated areas I am used to the peanut gallery so I didn’t pay any attention to it, that was until the ultimate photobomb of 2015.  hahahahahaha

I don’t think I really need to have to explain it….  All I can say is that we all had a huge laugh and the gent in question apologized on his run back. 🙂

Photobomb streaker
Photobomb streaker

Special Moments in Time!

Being able to capture a fraction of a second of someone’s life might seem a little unimportant, however while this may be the case in some shots others hold a significant amount of personal connection with the people within the photo.

Has there been times in your life where you have been incredibly sad, excited, happy, mad or just in a special place, like when you meet someone for the first time or someone you look up to.

My job as an event and portrait photographer is to capture these moments, moments that pass at the blinking of an eye but a significant to the people that I photographed for and are in these shots.

I photographed equestrian events that involved a lot of children and in one case there was a child was bawling her eyes out as she was so frustrated with the pony at the time wasn’t doing what she wanted it to do. The mother of this child saw me snapping away and kind of shooed me off as she didn’t want to embarrass the young girl. My response to her was that the emotions and the tears something that her and her daughter would cherish for a lifetime. She heard these words, sat back and thought for a second or so and let me continue shooting. When I publish these photos in my online store you never guess who bought copies? 🙂

So for me sometimes it might be awkward or uncomfortable for some people to get the photo taken while they are in an emotional state, I know that once the tears dry and the excitement passes the only thing left be the special moments captured in time.


Special moments in time
Special moments in time

Chasing the Sun with on Location Studio Lighting!!

Last Sunday I did an impromptu photo shoot that required a lot of running and a bit of organising to be able too pull it off!!

This was also probably one of the quickest shoots I have ever done. We pulled up at the location, I pulled out my lighting equipment, the model assumed the position and I snapped away.

Chasing the sun is always lots of fun!

Must say it was really handy to have a model which has a lot of experience she needed almost no guidance and very beneficial as we were chasing the sun setting and time is very limited.

I must say in the space of 10 minutes we captured a heap of images that not only matched my mind’s eye vision of the shot but also awesome in how they came together!! Here is just one of those images.

Fashion chasing the sunlight
Fashion chasing the sunlight

Other images from the shoot can be found my galleries of the menu on the left-hand side.

Red My Lips!!!!! – #RedMyLips

The month of April is about raising awareness that sexual violence and victim-blaming is NOT OK!!!!

To do that run a month long campaign where you are encourage to wear red lipstick and throw a couple of bucks their way.  When I found out about this I put the call out to my friends to see if anyone would be involved in a photo shoot where they get to wear red lippy and show the world they stand together against sexual violence and victim-blaming.

This in itself raised awareness and I amassed a small army of people ready to get their photos taken…  To all of which I am very grateful for not only their time but their commitment in supporting such a cause as short notice.

This is the first of these images…..  So sit back and watch them over the course of the rest of April…

Red My Lips - 2015 #Re
#RedMyLips – 2015

SSSSSSSSS is for Snake!!!!!

I must say I am a bit of a fan of snakes.  I like the way they look and their skins is sooo soft and smooth.  They also demand respect especially here in Australia where we have the most deadly snakes in the world.

Luckily for us this snake is not venomous all and was relatively well behaved. 🙂

I must say I really like the effects on the pupils for this shot when shooting in the dark… I makes her eyes almost look like black holes where you can get lost in.

Snake eyes
Snake eyes

Indiana Jones comes to mind when I look at this image.. Its like she has a whip in her hand and is ready to cracking it.

Whip snake
Whip snake

A nice close up shot of our snake friend… 🙂

Diamond python
Diamond python

Off setting the image to the left gives the image some extra interest.

Medusa and her snake
Medusa and her snake

Colour in the bride

Always wanted to take photos of an Indian bride.

The colour and the glamour of such a wedding is something which is out of the ordinary when you compare it to our Western culture. These brides are dressed up in all sorts of colours and jewelry which is enhanced with the movement and music that goes with such weddings.Continue reading “Colour in the bride”

The dark side

Had the opportunity this evening to pop out and grab a few shots of a friend of mine before she leaves town. It was such a fantastic opportunity to catch up with her again and talk about……… well……. just random stuff really.

She is always a fantastic person to photograph and I must say I have really enjoyed the time I’ve spent with her over the shoots we have done, and it’s kind of a shame that she will be moving to Sydney. Hopefully one day in the future we will catch up again but if not I wish you all the best.

Safe travels my friend.

The dark side
The dark side

Miss teen Australia entrant

I’ve been busy over the last couple weeks with one of my shots is for Noo, an entrant into the Miss teen Australia competition.

She required some nice head shots which would support her application in this competition and I must say the photos turned out really nice. Noo has fantastic long hair and with the assistance of a fan in the studio we got some nice flowing shots.

I also set up my lighting bring extra detail in life into her eyes to allow her personality to really shine and I know she’s incredibly happy with the end result.

If you’re interested see how I set these up and want to learn more pop over to my website post how-to’s.

Noo Gray images to support her entry into Miss Teen Australia 2014
Noo Gray images to support her entry into Miss Teen Australia 2014

Early Morning Shoot Sneak Peek Number 2

Ok Ok Ok… I was going to go to bed but I just had to get at least one photo out from this mornings shoot of the other model that was involved.  🙂

I really love these series of shots and it helped that we had an overcast morning..  YEAH for Gods soft box

Early Morning Shoot - Second Model
Early Morning Shoot – Second Model


Thing that you will forget on Fathers Day!

Father’s Day wouldn’t be complete without breakfast in bed, carefully wrapped socks , and the sound of laughing children!

I just want to take the opportunity to thank every father out there, including mine, and yours. Without them we would not be the people we are today, and with that they continue to be a very important part of our lives. The foundation that they set in our early years something we carry for a lifetime and is something we will always cherish.

As we grow older tend to forget things, we tend to distort memories, we sometimes don’t appreciate and understand the earlier years.

So on this Father’s Day, grab your camera and go out and take photos of your father, husband, partner, and especially your children. Because in the years to come, in the decades that follow from today you will always be able to look back on these photos and remember the day as if it was yesterday.

That my friends is the power photos!

Have a fantastic Father’s Day! 🙂


Cheers to Fathers day
Cheers to Fathers day

Professional Portrait process video

Ever wanted to see how I post process a professional photo?

Check at the video below…

The portrait was for a professional that wanted to update her online profiles and while most would be happy with the out of camera…. me…. I think I can do some more to make it ROCK!!!

Professional Portrait Before and after, canberra portrait photographer
Professional Portrait – Laura Before and after
Professional portrait touch up