Spring Equinox and The Ice Queen

Yesterday marked the Spring Equinox and with the temperature hitting 29 degrees Celsius it was the warmest day we have had for many months and with that, what better way to celebrate the onset of the warmer weather than to create the Ice Queen!!!!

This was a photo I took a few months ago and have been sitting on it as I wanted to create something special! The last few weeks it has to seen me playing around with edit and ideas, it has been creating edits, deleting edits, creating edits, asking many friends for their input and deleting my edits once again..  hahahahahah

There was also something that would always both me about my edits but I think with this image I am almost completely happy with how it has turned out so instead of spending the rest of my life editing one image I figured I would release it!!!!!

For your viewing pleasure, may I introduce you to the Ice Queen!!!!


The Ice Queen
The Ice Queen

What’s The Time?

Talking with a client today about product photography got me all inspired to whip out the lights and one of my watches for the sole purpose to photograph it and produce this little video for you. So sit back for the next 60 seconds and enjoy the excitement that is post processing a watch. 🙂

Do make sure you watch the video or boy oh boy you will be missing out big time..   hahahahaha  Ok Ok Ok I have almost drawn out all my time/watch jokes but watch this space as I can get one last one in here just in the nick of time.

Quick watch edit
Quick watch edit

I Am Officially In Love But You Will Never Guess With Who!!!

I have been working on a image for the last few weeks now and I must say I am in love with her…

Words can not express how she makes me feel when I look at her, and she brings a smile to my face when I see her.

She has passion, drama, softness and a whole lot of WOW!!!!!!  She just take my breath away when I look at her…

She is not slim shaker and in reality she is the size of a blue whale..  She is massive….  but I love every pixel of her…  She is beautify and amazing…   Her heart is warm and comforting but she such depth and is far from shallow…  OMG… Just amazing….

I cant tell you too much more but I just couldn’t hold back my love any more…

OMG she is amazing!!!!!

What I can show you as she is a bit shy is some side line info…   As you can agree she might be on the large size at 32,467 x 4,860 pixels but I love her even more…

Edge Of The World
Edge Of The World

NOTE: For those of you that might not know how large she is, she is 16 x larger than high definition.