Ferrari’s are HOT!!!!

What a freaking awesome shoot today…  Man, it was amazing…  I had two super hot models, with outfits that were amazing, makeup that was on point like you wouldn’t believe and a freaking super hot Ferrari…..

The best thing is that I also had the photographic gods on my side as they gave me lots of cloud cover to get some really stunning images. <3

Here is just one of the heap of portrait and car images we captured.  I know you are going to love it as much as I do.


Ferrari Couple
Ferrari Couple

If you are looking at getting married or just after a one of a kind photo shoot like this, drop me a line from my contact page. 🙂

Cancer Doesn’t Kill Anybody!

The amazing and fantastic thing about cancer is that no one actually cares until it kills a loved one, and then they seem to care.

I would almost think it’s hard to believe in this day and age and certainly, as you get older that you have not met or been touched by someone that  has been lost to this deadly and unforgiving disease. Cancer doesn’t care whether you are black, white, Christian, Muslim, American, male, or female. Cancer will take your life, it will take the life of your loved ones and it will take the life of the people you know. It is unforgiving it is the black plague of our society and kills thousands of people every year.

There are different variations of cancer as we all know and each of these has different degrees of severity and in left untreated, they will all take your life.

Tomorrow is pink ribbon Day, this is a day that brings awareness to breast cancer to encourage people to get checked and also self-check. It is also a day of fundraising which I must say and it should go without saying it is more important now than ever.

Yesterday in Canberra the motorcycle community banded together as they do around the world to support this cause. They gathered at old Parliament house and road to Bungendore while raising much-needed funds along the way. While I didn’t attend this event I have friends which did and I also have friends which are suffering from cancer which also rode in this event and it was great to hear the fun that these people had in banding together to support such a cause.

So if you can do one thing tomorrow bring awareness to breast cancer and in particular pink ribbon Day. Go to work dressed in pink, by a ribbon or just open up a conversation that hopefully will encourage people to get checked.

Help us to reach a goal and fight cancer and help us to kick cancers arse because without your help it will take the life of someone you love.


Pink Ribbon Day
Pink Ribbon Day

Strange Birthday Party and Birthday Party Lights.

I must say as an event photographer that gets to also travel where ever the events are, I attend all sorts of parties but yesterday was a first for me.   While it was  a party it wasn’t for anyone but for the 1st birthday of FRoC (Female Riders of Canberra).

These are a bunch of motorcycle riders that just wanted to have a club for the ladies and it was their first birthday yesterday so why not get a portrait photographer to come along and get photos of the ladies with their bikes as a way to celebrate?

So that is what I did. 🙂

This shoot was different, though.  I knew the ladies wanted to get shots with their bikes and I know they would want the best lighting possible and I knew that my largest softbox was only 90cm x 90cm that is great for single or couple shots it isn’t really big enough for things like people and bikes unless I gang a few of them together.

Having done that a heap I wanted to avoid it as it brings in its only problems and as I also want to start to photograph the larger object or using a single light source I bit the bullet and bought a new 190cm Elinchrom Litemotiv and to say it is huge is an understatement.

Elinchrom Litemotiv 190cm used to photograph multiple motorbikes in full midday sun.
Elinchrom Litemotiv 190cm used to photograph multiple motorbikes in full midday sun.

It is fair to say after using it for this shoot and the amount of light and quality that this  pushes out in full midday sun, this is now a valuable part of my portrait and event arsenal.

Throwing my assistant in to be my model while setup the lights.
Throwing my assistant in to be my model while setup the lights.

As you can see from the image above there is very little shadow and it is almost impossible to see any bright patches on the grass from the massive 190cm Octa.  Very nice I must say.

Some more playing with this new softbox is on the card in the coming weeks to see where I can push it, which I will add should be a lot of fun. 🙂

New Bulbs Will Help!

You ever get that feeling when you are out on location shooting and your studio lights stop doing that flash and POP thing that you have grown to love????

I have and it’s not a  nice feeling especially when you have people standing  in front of said studio light waiting for the blinding flash…

Lucky for me (ok ok ok not really luck but more planning as I like to be prepared for just about anything and have a backup plan for my backup plan) I have backup lights so I can swap them out for new ones. 🙂

The trick to this little plan is that you have buy replacement bulbs and when they are 200$ each you tend to put it off for as long as you can. So with the splash of 800$ I now can replace my old bulbs and have some spare as a backup plan. 🙂

All I can say due to the cost of each of these bulbs I am glad they last more than a few shots.

Elinchrom Replacement Bulbs
Elinchrom Replacement Bulbs

The Cost Of Taking Your Photos.

There is lots to say on the subject of the cost to run a photography business so I thought I would share the cost of what I have in front of me.

I am running out of space on my storage and need to buy some more hard drives.  Now the problem is I can not put any more storage in my main PC so I will need to purchase an additional storage unit where I can move the images from my main PC to.  Doing some investigation the unit to do this will cost me anything from 1,000$ that will hold 8 hard drives or around 1,800$ for one that will hold 12 hard drives. The cost of hard drives is around 500$ each.  Yes I can by cheaper drives and a cheaper unit but I value your images more than that so I buy the best equipment to ensure your photos are safe. 🙂

Lets run the figures – If I wanted to buy and fill the 1,000$ unit it would then cost me 4,000$ in drives that makes it a 5,000$ purchase, for the 1,800$ unit it would cost me $7,800. Yay!!!!!!

So when you ask me how much are my photos are, I hope this will gives you some understanding as to why I do not do it for free and why my services do not cost the same as your mate Joe who has a camera and used it once.  🙂


I think I need more hard drive space.
I think I need more hard drive space.

Happy Easter From My Australian/Bilby Family To Yours!

Oh thank God it is Easter once again!!

I don’t know about you but I like the Easter holidays even though they only four days long, it’s a great time of the year to get out about spent time with the family. It’s not too hot and is not too cold is so the risk of being burnt to a crisp in the Australian sun is somewhat on our side.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family happy Easter and I hope you spend today relaxing with family, eating a shit ton of eggs and chocolate and if you can do one thing today. Put down the phone, turn off the Internet and spend some quality time with the people that you love!

Be safe and I’ll see you on the other side! 🙂

Easter Bunny versus the Australian Bilby
Easter Bunny versus the Australian Bilby

How to Find the Dodgy Night!

I was doing a corporate shoot and I noticed that a couple of my studio lights were not firing all the time so I swapped them out on the day with the spares I take on these types of shoot but the problem was I didn’t mark which ones where the dodgy ones.

So today while I had a bit of time between shoots I thought I would crack out the lights and find the ones that need replacing and what better to find them than to take some self portraits.

This is just a couple of the ones I ended out with as I’m a bit rushed for time.

I Am the Star Lord
I Am the Star Lord

Nothing like a little black and white action when you have a over head light setup. 🙂


After all that I did find the bulbs which need replacing and I had a bit of fun.

Now is time to get ready for a 21st birthday party that I’m covering tonight and like every party and event a cover I’m sure it is going to be a hoot.

Have a great night and keep safe!

Where Will 2016 Take You?

As the last sunsets over the evening sky for 2015 we all generally like to sit back and bot reflect on the year that has gone and look forward toward the year that is ahead.  Most of us will have grand plans of what it will be like and the amazing things we will achieve.

Most will move on from new years day with little direction toward the grand plans they made just a few hours before.


I see the world through a lens and in a series of frames, with each frame different from the next and all frames unique and can never be repeated, so if you do just one thing tonight take a photo of yourself with all the warmth of these new and wonderful grand plans you have for the year ahead, and when you lose faith or just get busy in life pull out that photo and remember…..  Remember that moment in time where you were for just a fraction of a second free to dream and become whatever you want to be.  🙂

The process of capturing a fraction in time that lasts a lifetime is an amazing thing and one I don’t think I will ever get sick of.

Now for me I will be spending tonight not alone but with the love of my life.  Under the stars with my photography 🙂

For me the night life and the crisp early mornings make for fantastic photos so I will be spending it under the stars with my camera by my side to capture one of Australian’s true wonders……  The Australian Blue Mountains.

What are you planning for tonight? and what amazing things will you be doing over the next year?

Wishing on a star, night photography, camiping, rhino rack, foxwing sunseeker
Wishing on a star

PS: If you are interesting in learning how to capture night shots like this one and the technique of painting with light let me know as I am looking and conducting some workshops if the interest is there. 🙂

Technical Info:

  • Exposure: 30 seconds
  • Aperture: 2.8
  • Focal Length: 24 mm
  • Lighting: Used a flash light to paint the trees and everything in the foreground.

Happy Balloons

Have you ever wondered what happy balloons look like?

Well I had the opportunity to to find out. A couple of us crazy kids grabed some balloons and popped out around the National Art Gallery snapped off a few shots and I must say it was a lot of fun.

I kept thinking of that movie Up and wondering how many balloons would it actually take for one of the models to be taken away……   and after some really deep thought I snapped out of it and got to work. 🙂

Contemplating where balloons can take you
Contemplating where balloons can take you

Imagination runs wild when you come across a bunch of creative people that want to be creative. Kinda makes you wonder whether limits are, and are there actually any limits?

Simple task of grabbing a couple of balloons and seeing what you make of them is an interesting challenge….. If you haven’t done it give it a go sure you will find a blast.

Up up and away
Up up and away

If you after some unique portraits ones that are completely different to normal studio and run-of-the-mill shots, please drop me a line as I’m sure we can come up with something creative just for you.

Contact details can be found of the side menu.

Rush rush rush

Life can be really busy for us all and I know for me I sometimes look back and wonder where the last month or two months has gone.

We have work and family and we all still have to make time for ourselves.  A lot of friends that know how busy I am ask me when is it that I make time for me.  Time away from work and time to recharge?

My answer is always the same.  I get my energy for taking photos, capturing the moments in time that others take for granted.  It gives me time to relax and look at the world in a different way and to see the things we all miss in our ever increasing busy lives.

No other time is this true than at your own wedding.  The day flies by and before you know it, it’s over and your new life begins and the only memory you have of that special day is the photos of your wedding.

So if you are feeling stressed and need to wind down I can highly suggest you take some time to take some photos.  Grab that camera and just walk.  Walk to places you have been before and look at it with a different eye, an eye for capturing the small things, the things you see every day and I am sure you will be surprised how relaxing and interesting this will be.


What a Cool Collection of Talent!!!!

I attended the Canberra make-up Academy the other night to photograph the students work at one of their assessment nights and I must say the up-and-coming talent in this industry is awesome!!!

It was not only a good night to photograph new talent but also ran into some friends which I haven’t seen in some time.

Photos of this event are now up and ready for purchase from my online store which can be found by clicking on the menu on the left.

If you have any troubles please let me know and keep up the good work.

Photographing at the Canberra Makeup Academy for one of their assessment nights.
Photographing at the Canberra Makeup Academy for one of their assessment nights.

#RedMyLips #9

I am a father and I’m not ashamed or scared to express my love for my daughter!

I spent seven years volunteering with Barnardos here in Canberra and I spent many years understanding and studying psychology behind why people do things.

One thing I know out of all this, is that sexual violence and intimidation is not only a cultural thing but it is something that is in most cases factor of the environment in which we grew up in, the environment in which we felt comfortable in the environment in which the foundations were set.

To transform our culture I believe we need to start at the grassroots and that for me is the family unit. It is within this family unit and the people associated with it that set the foundations for the children that will eventually have complete control over their own destiny.

Make a positive change today and help transform our culture by educating our children that sexual violence, intimidation and domestic violence is not okay!

It is not the victims fault as they didn’t choose to be a victim, so let’s change the culture away from victim blaming and put a spotlight where it belongs, back onto the perpetrators.



#RedMyLips #9
#RedMyLips #9

#RedMyLips #8

Males or females it doesn’t matter. This is a problem for us, all of us!

It is up to us to change the culture around sexual violence and to make sure that people know it is not okay!

Too much emphasis on communication around some of these events is put onto the victim and I feel that this is totally inappropriate. Victims are victims, by the very nature of being a victim you are not responsible or should be blamed for the actions of others are caused you to be a victim.

Some of these perpetrators walked this planet with a delusional understanding that they are better than everyone because they can go along and intimidate and control others through physical and emotional abuse.

These people have issues, serious issues that need to be addressed and recognised before they create a victim.


#RedMyLips #8
#RedMyLips #8

#RedMyLips #7

Red is the colour of passion, passion that I believe is within all of us. The walls and halls of the home should not be splattered in red.

The men and women subjected to sexual violence and domestic violence should not see the colour red and less the intent is love.

Far too many homes around Australia subject to the never-ending cycle of sexual and domestic abuse. This cycle continues through generations and one that I am all too familiar with.

When a child sees a parent either subjecting someone to sexual or domestic violence that sends a very strong message to that child that that behaviour is accepted. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female, the message is the same.

Studies have shown that children in this environment will either be a perpetrator or a victim of this never-ending cycle. It is up to us to go along and break this cycle!!

As a community and a culture we need to send a very clear message that this behaviour is not okay while also understanding the history and the reasons behind this type of behaviour.

It is not something that has been generated overnight but something that has been learned over a lifetime.

No matter the history this behaviour is not okay and if you are a victim or a perpetrator there is help out there.

If you know someone in this situation as I’m sure many of you do, be there for them. Help them through this, and make sure they know there is help out there.


#RedMyLips #7
#RedMyLips #7

#RedMyLips #6

As a portrait photographer and someone that photographs a lot of models I see a different side of people one that many don’t see in one of those sides is the external facing side. One we all have and is very obvious to everyone.

What I mean by this is how we look to other people and how others perceive us by the way we look. This to some can mean many things and can stir up many emotions both good and bad. Personal parents and how someone represents themselves is ultimately their choice, they have the right to go along and wear whatever they feel is right for them. They have the right and the choice to go along and change their external facing side to match their internal facing side.

Women don’t wear lipstick for other people, they were lipstick for them it makes them feel good, and if it makes them feel good then they should do it.

How they dress and how they represent their external side does not mean they open to sexual violence, and it certainly doesn’t mean that anyone should think, do, or otherwise anything to them without them explicitly agreeing.


#RedMyLips #6
#RedMyLips #6

#RedMyLips #5

Violence is never the answer! Although us men are not the sole perpetrators of sexual violence and abuse we do have a moral responsibility to not only ensure the safety of those around us but also to educate and remove any thought that this type of behaviour is okay in our society.

I know there are men out there that actually think that sexual violence, intimidation and mental abuse is okay. My message to them is that it is not okay and there is no place in this or any other culture for those thoughts or behaviours.

Men that act and behave in this way are missing something the lives, they missing thought process that allows them to feel like men without the need to intimidate or show their authority over someone else. They need help. Serious help!!

The feeling of power that this gives them is only short lived and continuous and without positive change within those men and from the people around them it will continue.

While this campaign involves a lot of women I believe that it is the men that need to take charge of this. It is the men that need to stand up and say no it is not okay and is the real men that need to show leadership and courage to stand up and educate the males which think they are men!

#RedMyLips #5
#RedMyLips #5


#RedMyLips #4

Victims are not fools! They are victims! They victims because someone else decided to make them a victim they themselves did not choose that, so why is it that we blame them and shame them because of it?

Victims of sexual violence have a right to be protected and have a right to be heard! They should not be looked down as criminals or people that are responsible for the actions of others.

That stop shifting the blame and put it back where it belongs and that my friends is not on the victims!

#RedMyLips #4
#RedMyLips #4

#RedMyLips #3

Speaking out against sexual violence and victim blaming is something we can all do!

It’s not only up to the people that are directly affected by sexual violence to speak out, it’s up to all of us as community to take a stance and speak out.

Sexual violence in our community touches more lives and affects more people than you can imagine, and to shift the blame onto the victim creates a culture of secrecy. Victims don’t want stand up and be heard for the fear they will be ridiculed and be told it’s their fault.

I’m not sure about you but I can’t see how victim is at fault, but hey!!

Let’s make a change.

#RedMyLips #3
#RedMyLips #3

Cold And Shitty But I Don’t Care!!

After what seemed like a full day yesterday of hoping it would rain and the sun shining through, the rain finally did come toward the end of our shoot yesterday. Yay!!!!!

The rain fell and we rejoiced!!

We must of seemed like a gang of weirdos as we all stood around in the rain cheering as it got heavier and heavier.  And then the cheering turned into chattering teeth and what was the real heavy rain that we wanted hours before. Ha ha ha ha

I must say it was the heaviest rain I have ever shot in and I used to shoot a lot of equestrian……  The rain on me and my gear was so heavy that I couldn’t see the LCD on the back of my camera. I kept wiping the water off but it was very quickly replaced with rain either from the sky or the rain falling off my face.  Lol

At that my friends is why I have weather sealed pro photographic gear.

The people that I was with yesterday are true professionals…. Man…. I do a lot of crazy shit to get my shots but I do it because I love what I do!!! To find a collection of people that were not only willing to help me pull off my concept yesterday and see it thought in horrid conditions was just truly amazing.

The one downer of yesterday was that my dear friend and personal makeup artist (that kinda sounds like I get makeup on me) got her phone stolen out of her handbag.  A hand bag that was sitting with us all the time and would of had someone not a few meters from it at any one time. 🙁

I hope who ever took it gets their armpits infected with a million fleas…….  How dare they take our shit off our set….. Grrrrr.

Even after she noticed  it was gone she was the perfect professional, and kept on with a smile. 🙂

Enjoy your day everyone!!!! As for me I will tucked away inside, on a heater, in front of a computer screen working through photos. Yay…